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RHOSLC May Be Missing One Key Cast Member In Season 2

"I don't know if I'll do this again."

'RHOSLC' Season 1 cast members Lisa Barlow, Mary Cosby, Heather Gay, Jen Shah, Whitney Rose, and Meredith Marks via Bravo's press site
Chad Kirkland/Bravo

Several weeks before the Season 1 reunion, Bravo confirmed that RHOSLC will return for Season 2. The renewal was inevitable: per Deadline, the show was Bravo's biggest series launch in nearly five years, not to mention that there was no shortage of drama. Kicking off with a "hospital smell" argument — involving Mary Cosby, a cast member who is married to her former step-grandfather — the premiere episode drew in a well-deserved 3.2 million viewers.

Bravo has yet to reveal which cast members will return for RHOSLC's second season, but executive producer Andy Cohen intimated that all six women will be back. Prior to the renewal announcement, Everything Iconic podcast host Danny Pellegrino told Cohen he was "really hoping" all of the women return, to which the Bravo host assured him, "Oh they're coming back for a Season 2."

The only holdout might be Mary, who told Entertainment Tonight in late January that she didn't know if she would "do this again." "That's a strong question, and I think I need a little harvesting," she said. "I think it's premature. I mean, would they want me back?"

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Mary's comments follow speculation that she was originally cast as a "friend" to the women, not a main cast member, because she frequently missed group trips and events. However, she implied that her dwindling presence on the show was by her own accord; she took any opportunity to avoid co-star Jen Shah. "It just wasn't purposely done, but they kind of tried to fade Mary out and didn't know Mary was going to be more wanted," she said. "I feel like if I go in to do an event, or go to do something fun or enjoyable ... I'm gonna go with someone I enjoy, someone that enjoys me. That sounds fun. But to go with this group? Every escape was, like, literally an escape for me. I was like, ahhh! Especially when I didn't have to go to Vegas. I was so happy, I was so relieved."

Whether or not Mary returns, it's unclear when fans can expect new episodes of RHOSLC to air. According to one Instagram fan account, filming for Season 2 is already underway. The Housewives of SLC account also reported that "all of the ladies have been asked back," and that Bravo is testing several new women with the cast as well. If filming has indeed begun, Season 2 will likely premiere around the same time as the first installment, in November 2021.