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Why Did Tyler Stanaland Leave Selling The OC After Season 3?

The reason for his departure fuels those nepo baby allegations.

‘Selling The OC’: Why Did Tyler Stanaland Leave After Season 3?

Tyler Stanaland attempted to stay above the fray on Selling the OC, but ended up getting pulled into the drama with everyone else. He especially faced criticism for getting too close to his co-workers while married to his ex-wife Brittany Snow. However, it seems that he’s finally had enough.

The real estate agent left the Oppenheim Group in October, and as a result, he has officially departed the Netflix series. But despite his early exit, Stanaland is fully involved in the drama of Season 3, which streams on Netflix starting May 3.

Alex Hall and Stanaland pick up from their hot tub makeout session during the Season 2 finale and attempt to take their friendship to the next level, as he also clashes with fellow agent Sean Palmieri. Naturally, viewers wondered if Stanaland’s departure was a result of the constant O-Group drama and scrutiny around his love life.

He told People at the time that it was strictly a business choice. “My decision to leave the Oppenheim Group is about making the best decision for my clients and my career,” he said. “I’m excited about this new chapter and to be working alongside family again.”

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall in Selling the OC.Netflix

Before joining the Oppenheim Group’s Orange County offices, Stanaland worked in real estate with his father, John, for 12 years. Because of his familial connection, he often faced nepo baby accusations, particularly coasting off his dad’s listings.

Ironically, he left the O Group to work with his father once again at his brokerage, the John Stanaland Group, within Douglas Elliman. “Not only am I joining my dad and brother at Douglas Elliman, I’m aligning with a brand that has unparalleled reach and presence in the market with a renowned network of agents and industry leaders,” he said.

Stanaland was blunt when asked about his future on the Netflix show. “Selling the OC revolves around agents at the Oppenheim Group,” he said. “I will be working at Douglas Elliman.” But he praised O Group’s owners Jason and Brett Oppenheim. “What they’ve built is tremendous and I’ll always appreciate having been a part of it,” he added.