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Serena P. Remains A Front-Runner For Bachelor Matt James' Heart

She and Matt have "great chemistry," as Chris Harrison promised.

Serena P. on The Bachelor via the ABC press site
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Even before The Bachelor premiered, we already knew of one potential front-runner. Serena P. has "great chemistry" with Bachelor Matt James, as Chris Harrison teased in December. The host had revealed in an introductory video of all the contestants that it would be "evident from the moment she steps out of the limo they just have this chemistry." However, Harrison added that they may hit a snag in their relationship due to Serena's extreme honesty. "She always tells everybody — including Matt — where she stands, how she feels, what the score is," he said. "Now will Matt hear that? We’ll have find out."

Here's what else you need to know about the woman Matt had instant chemistry with.

Who Is Serena P. From The Bachelor?

As you can tell from her last initial, she's one of two Serenas on Matt's season. This Serena is from Toronto, Canada, because every Bachelor season seems to have at least one Canadian contestant. She's also one of the youngest contestants at 22 years old. However, according to her ABC bio, she's not going to let her age stand in the way of her potential love connection with 29-year-old Matt. "No matter what your age is, when you know, you know," her bio says.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Serena P.'s Job

Serena's ABC bio lists her job as a publicist, but she's pretty new to the field. According to her LinkedIn, she's been interning for the public relations company Macintyre Communications since August 2020. Before that, she was a brand ambassador for an events company and helped organize events as an intern for South Carolina's LOCAL Life magazine. She majored in communications studies and business management, but she's recently been trying to hone her publicist skills by getting certified last year in sport and event marketing.

Serena P.'s Instagram

One thing she's not super into marketing is herself. Serena has just 56 posts on Instagram, only three of which were posted since her season of The Bachelor began airing. Two of those posts show scenes from the show, so while she might not be posting a lot, that doesn't mean she's not excited about it. "Monday can't come soon enough..." she captioned a snap of her receiving a rose from Matt on Night 1.

With so few posts on her page, it's easy to scroll through Serena's timeline and quickly get back to her college days when she was a competitive dancer.

Some of the few posts she does have also highlight her friendships. She's rarely in a snap alone.

And whether she's on the beaches of South Carolina or chilling in a Toronto lake, she's a big fan of the water. According to her LinkedIn, she used to be a swim instructor.

Too bad she didn't get to have any tropical ocean dates on her season with Matt, since the show was filmed in a bubble at a resort in Pennsylvania. But, hey, if she found a real connection and chemistry with Matt, it shouldn't matter where they were anyway.