Twitter Is Convinced Shakira Just Came Out Via A Cryptic Colour Scheme Choice

Some fans want answers while others are living for the mystery.

by Alice Broster
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Shakira performs at the grand opening of the Cedars International Festival

It takes a lot to shock social media users these days but I’m not sure anybody thought they’d be waking up to find that Shakira may or may not have just come out using her Twitter profile picture...

On July 12, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer changed her icon and header to a blurred mix of pink, orange, white, and red – a colour scheme that also happens to match the lesbian Pride flag.

The singer-songwriter is in the midst of promoting new music (she added a pre-save link to her bio) and it appears that her Twitter picture and header are a reflection of the artwork she’s chosen for it. So, the question is, is the choice of pink, orange, white, and red simply a coincidence – or it is a cryptic coming out message?

Pretty much as soon as the colour scheme was posted, fans were dissecting and discussing what the singer was trying to say. While some of wanted answers, others were living for the mystery. Either way, fans showed up with some seriously funny memes in response. Keep scrolling for my pick of the best.

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