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Will Shoresy Get A Season 2? What To Know

“We’re not done. We’d like to do more.”

by Kadin Burnett
Max Bouffard as JJ Frankie JJ, Terry Ryan  as Hitch, Jared Keeso Shoresy, Andrew Antsanen as Goody, ...
Photo courtesy of Hulu

A spin-off of one of Canada’s great comedies arrives on May 27 when Shoresy, an offshoot of the long-running series Letterkenny, premieres on Hulu. The six-part season follows Shoresy (Jared Keeso, also the show’s creator) as he leaves the mundanity of Letterkenny, Ontario, for the harsher rinks of Sudbury, Ontario. Shoresy’s slated to suit up with the hapless Sudbury Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization, otherwise known as the NOSHO, under the solemn oath to never lose another hockey game. Hopefully the Bulldogs have a better season than they usually do, which may lead to another season for Shoresy.

Shoresy will likely be a departure from the typical antics of Letterkenny. The grit and grime of hockey locker rooms will likely replace the the small town, rural vibe of its predecessor, which was originally based on a YouTube series titled Letterkenny Problems. Letterkenny debuted in 2016 and boasts a total of 11 seasons thus far, which bodes well for the potential of Shoresy if it can capture some of the original series’ magic.

Who’s In The Shoresy Cast?

As for the cast of Shoresy, the titular hockey fanatic is the only character being carried over from Letterkenny. Tasya Teles of The 100 will also be a main fixture of the cast, portraying the Bulldogs’ tough-as-nails team manager Nat. The series will also be injected with a little bit of authenticity thanks to the involvement of former NHL players Brandon Nolan, Jordan Nolan, and Jon Mirasty, all of whom will round out the cast in Season 1.

Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu

When Will Shoresy Season 2 Premiere?

As much momentum as Season 1 has going for it, there’s been no confirmation of a Season 2 yet. One might expect Hulu to take its time deciding the future of the hockey spin-off based on the reception of the show’s first season. Shoresy was announced in June 2021 and wasn’t ready for screens until May 2022. It seems unlikely that, should the show be renewed, it would take 11 months from official announcement to season premiere again. Giving the production the benefit of the doubt, it’s likely a second season would drop in 2023, assuming it gets renewed.

Are There Plans For Shoresy Season 2?

Jacob Tierney, who serves as the show’s director, recently spoke to Movie Web about the ways in which Shoresy differs from Letterkenny. “They’re different beasts,” he said. “Shoresy is telling a story… but Letterkenny is designed to be the opposite of that, to be a place you can keep coming back to where we don’t have a big storyline. I don’t think they’re the same or have the same aspirations.” As Tierney articulates, Shoresy is attempting to try something slightly more ambitious, story-wise, than its predecessor. “There’s a narrative pushing you through, unlike on Letterkenny. That’s why I’m really excited for people to see all six episodes and for them to watch in order as we spin the yarn for them,” Tierney said. The director also made mention of the fact that Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped him from making plans: “We’re not done. We’d like to do more.”