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This SNL Moment Perfectly Encapsulated The Stress Of 2020

Kate McKinnon is all of us.

What started as a silly sketch during Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update got kind of serious for a minute when Kate McKinnon (as Dr. Wenowdis) broke the fourth wall to tell us that she, like the rest of us, is really not OK right now.

The sketch started with Colin Jost asking Dr. Wenowdis for some information about Donald Trump's medical condition. She answered all of his questions by stating facts and adding "we know this" or rather "wenowdis." For example, when Jost asked if Trump returning to work was a concern considering his COVID-positive status, Dr. Wenowdis answered, "A room have air, right? Wenowdis. And everybody have a nose, wenowdis. Everybody's face, it has a hole. Everybody get the virus. Wenowdis."

She was laughing a little throughout the sketch, but things really took a turn when Dr. Wenowdis went to check Jost's blood pressure. McKinnon started singing "blood pressure, blood pressure" over and over again while squeaking the end of the pressure checking device. Eventually, both Jost and McKinnon were laughing too hard to continue. That's when Jost broke character and called his co-star by her real name. "Kate, are you OK?" he asked. "I'm obviously not," she answered with a laugh in her regular voice.

"I'm sorry, you guys. It's such a crazy time, and this is something I started doing to cope," she added. "I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal, and it's a nice way to escape, you know? It's refreshing to play a character whonowdis."

Then she listed some of the big questions we're all dealing with right now, and noted how frustrating it is to go without answers. "It's like, I mean, who will win the election? We don't know dis. When will the pandemic end? We don't know dis. What will happen to the world? We do not know dis. But Colin, the one thing that we do know is that... no, we don't know dis."

It was like she was speaking to all of our souls.