All The ’70s Easter Eggs You Missed In That ’90s Show

The Netflix series is filled with blink-and-you-miss-it nods to the past.

In addition to welcoming back most of the original cast, 'That 90's Show' includes plenty of Easter ...
Patrick Wymore/Netflix

When it comes to reboots and revivals, Netflix’s That ’90s Show is one of the most fan service-y out there. From bringing back nearly all That ‘70s Show original cast members to recreating the show’s theme song and signature smoke circle, the new Netflix series is all about nostalgia. But not every nod to the past is easy to catch on your first watch — in fact, there are several blink-and-you-miss-it That ’70s Show Easter eggs and references worked into That ’90s Show.

Here are some of the most interesting callbacks you may have missed.

Leia’s Overalls

Leia is definitely an analog for her dad — a slightly awkward Forman who’s intrigued by the much cooler girl next door. However, there’s a fashion Easter egg in the pilot of both That ’70s Show and That ’90s Show that proves Leia is very much her mother’s daughter, too: overalls.

Back in 1976, Donna wears overalls in the basement during her first appearance on the show.


Two decades later, her daughter wears a shorter version of the look while hanging out with her own Point Place friends. The symmetry!

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

A Creepy Star Wars Connection

Everyone knows Eric is a fan of Star Wars, so Leia’s name makes sense. However, it’s easy to forget that Eric is such a fan of Star Wars that he actually had Donna roleplay as Leia during the show’s original run.


While that’s no big deal, it’s certainly a story Leia’s parents might prefer keeping to themselves.

Teen Drinking

Both That ’70s Show and That ’90s Show pilots see the kids trying to procure alcohol for themselves, which is a fun parallel in itself. However, in That ’90s Show, Eric is shown drinking a very timely Zima at the kitchen table, and he’s barely able to handle it — proof that he and Donna have become what Red refers to as “upstairs people.”

Kris K?

Graffiti is always a rich source of Easter eggs in TV shows and movies, and That ’90s Show is no exception. During the kids’ first visit to the water tower, “Kris K” can be seen on a bar above Leia and Gwen.

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

It could be a nod to 70s icon Kris Kristofferson, whose Golden Globe-winning role in A Star is Born is praised by Jackie in the original series. And speaking of Jackie, her name appears on the water tower, too!

Eric’s Vista Cruiser

For her birthday on That ’90s Show, Red gifts Eric’s old Vista Cruiser from the original series to Leia — with the same license plate and all. Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Fez, actually purchased the car from the props department after the original series, so it couldn’t have been too hard to get the iconic vehicle back on screen.

Vintage Grapes

Speaking of props, there are several smaller nods scattered throughout the set of That ’90s Show. One of them is a glass bunch of grapes that can be seen in the original series.

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Like real-life decor, the piece seems to have been relegated to the basement as times (and trends) changed. Because in the original series, it was located in the living room upstairs. This was another easy prop to source: Debra Jo Rupp, who plays Kitty, actually took them with her after That ’70s Show, she told Netflix.

Kitty’s Sex Talk

Kitty is flustered when she thinks Leia is about to have sex. But she also lets her granddaughter know that she’ll always be around to answer questions, perhaps because this isn’t her first time handling that topic with care.

During That ’70s Show Season 1’s “The Pill,” Kitty gives Eric the sex talk and doesn’t hold anything back — from basic hygiene to the importance of foreplay. “I know you’re 17, and we can’t stop you from doing what you want to do,” she says. “All I’m saying is, have respect for her.” It seems that Grandma Kitty is still just as open and supportive, 20 years later!

Casey Kelso

Many characters returned for That ’90s Show, but Luke Wilson’s Casey Kelso was not one of them. However, the minor character got a shoutout during Episode 10, when Donna tells Leia that she used to date Kelso’s brother.