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Jenn Tran Regrets Succumbing To A “Steamy” Bachelorette Tradition

“My family will be watching.”

Jenn Tran on 'The Bachelor'
Disney/Wade Payne

Like so many Bachelor and Bachelorette leads, Jenn Tran fell under the spell of candlelight and hot tubs, and it led to some spicy moments she’s reconsidering now that her journey is airing on TV for all to see. On the July 8 episode of the Off the Vine podcast, the reality star discussed filming the new season with host and fellow Bachelor Nation star Kaitlyn Bristowe, revealing her one regret from her time on the show.

“I think that I regret the steamy makeouts because my family will be watching,” she confessed, prompting Bristowe to joke that fans do “want to see steamy makeouts.”

As for the other decisions she made during filming, the Bachelorette Season 21 lead added that she has no regrets. “I trusted myself very much, and I still do,” she said. “I think everything happened the way it was supposed to.”

Recalling her time on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor in 2023, Tran revealed that she was “so aware” of the cameras. As the Bachelorette, she was able to let go of her inhibitions.

“The second time around, I was like, what do you mean? I’m just living my life,” she said. “So, like, in my head, I was like, This isn’t going to be televised anywhere. Mom and Dad won’t have to watch this.

The Bachelorette Season 21 star Jenn TranJohn Fleenor/Disney

Jenn’s approach made for more “authentic” moments, as she pointed out, even if they weren’t as family-friendly as she’d want in retrospect. She and Bristowe agreed it’s ultimately “necessary” to be able to forget about the cameras, and Tran went on to describe filming without cellphones as “the most freeing experience” of her life.

“When you’re on your phone, you’re constantly connected to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook,” she explained. “So your brain is overloaded with information. Sometimes I feel like I can’t have a conversation with a person because I’m thinking about what’s on my phone.”

Tran later discussed navigating social media post-Bachelor fame, revealing that she’s developed a healthy separation from the online fandom.

“At the end of the day, I have to realize that these people don’t know me at all,” she said. “I just have to keep living my life. And some days, I just don’t even log on to Instagram because I’m like, ‘I need a mental health break.’”

Tran was announced as the new Bachelorette in March after starring on Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. As the first Asian American Bachelorette in the franchise’s 22-year history, her casting marked a major first for the show.