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Everything To Know About The Long-Awaited Community Movie

Creator Dan Harmon shared why he thinks Donald Glover will be back as Troy.

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What a time to be a Human Being. After years of fans clamoring for Community’s “six seasons and a movie” to happen in our timeline, the final piece is officially on its way. Peacock and Sony Pictures TV announced the Community movie on Sept. 30 and were kind enough to also drop a few tidbits about what to expect.

The journey to this point was an unusual one, to say the least. Community survived for five seasons on NBC from 2010 to 2014, powered by its small but deanpendable fan base. When the network axed it after Season 5, their support helped inspire the now-defunct streaming service Yahoo Screen to pick it up for a sixth and final season. The comedy series reached its last episode in 2015, but even then fans still wanted a movie — and they never stopped pushing for it. In fact, when the movie was finally announced seven years later, the Community Twitter account wrote, “you got your movie. now stop yelling at me.”

Fans are still going to need to be a little bit more patient for now, but they can rest assured that the film is in good hands. Show creator Dan Harmon is back to write the script, joined by Andrew Guest, who previously worked on Community, 30 Rock, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As for the cast, plot, and premiere date, below you’ll find everything we know so far about the Community movie. (Or, in the words of Britta, “Here’s the deal, Jessica Biel.”)

The Community Movie Cast

What would Community be without its, well, community? Most of the Greendale gang has already signed on for the movie, as fans hoped they would. Joel McHale is back as Jeff Winger, and he’ll not only star in the film but also serve as executive producer. He’ll be joined on screen by Alison Brie (Annie), Danny Pudi (Abed), Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Jim Rash (Dean Pelton), and Ken Jeong (Ben Chang). So far, it doesn’t appear that either Donald Glover (Troy) or Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) has signed on, but fans can hope. (Glover did not return for Season 6, and Brown appeared in fewer episodes that season as a guest star.) McHale did tag the two in his tweet about the movie finally happening, though, so make of that what you will...

To be fair, McHale also tagged The First Lady star Gillian Anderson, which appears to have been accidental. They had a funny exchange about it after, with Anderson tweeting back, “Gillian Jacobs who? I’m in @joelmchale” with a winking-face emoji. He responded, “Perfect! Costume fitting and table read are next Tuesday.”

More promisingly, though, Harmon told Variety in early October that he expects Glover to be back. “I think that Donald is coming, based on word of mouth, but it’s just the deal isn’t official or wasn’t official,” he said. “It would be difficult to really commit to doing this thing without Donald.”

The show creator’s insight also seems to bode well for Brown’s return. “I think if there’s names missing from a list, it’s because the names that are on the list, their deals are agreed upon enough that it’s OK to say they are on the list, and anybody that’s not on a list, it’s just not the case yet,” he added.

Former Community star Chevy Chase, however, is unlikely to appear in the movie. His character, Piece, was killed off in Season 5 after Chase and Harmon reportedly clashed repeatedly on set. “I don’t even know if it’s legal for him to come back,” Harmon told Variety. “That may be out of my hands.”

The Community Movie Plot

So far, no Community movie plot details have been revealed. The final episode ended with Greendale Community College having been saved and the one-time study group ready to go their separate ways. Before splitting up, the gang mused about possible directions for a potential Season 7, and since that never happened, the writers could always revisit those ideas. Alternately, they could come up with something entirely new.

The Community Movie Release Date

Another mystery for now is the premiere date of the Community movie. However, to get through the wait, the show’s Twitter account shared an assignment: rewatching all six seasons.

This post will be updated with additional plot and cast details as more information on the Community movie becomes available.

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