The Kardashians Canceled Their Christmas Party For The First Time Since The '70s

"Taking this pandemic seriously is a must."

by Mary Kate McGrath
the kardashian jenner christmas parti is canceled
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

We've all had to give up family traditions this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the Kardashians are no exception. On Sunday, Dec. 6, Khloé Kardashian took to Twitter to reveal that the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party is canceled this year amid rising COVID-19 cases in California. This will be the first time since the '70s that the event won't go on as originally planned.

"The Covid cases are getting out of control in CA. So we decided that we're not doing a Christmas Eve party this year," Khloé wrote when a fan asked for an update on the highly anticipated bash. The reality star also explained that canceling the celebration is somewhat unprecedented. "It's the first time we will not be having a Christmas Eve party since 1978 ... I believe," she continued. "Heath and safety first though! Taking this pandemic seriously is a must."

The famous reality TV family's big holiday party isn't the only thing they've given up this holiday season. The Good American founder confirmed in a separate tweet that the Kardashian-Jenner's have decided not to do their yearly Christmas cards, either. "We have not done anything. No Christmas photos and no Christmas Eve party this year. Covid has taken over," she wrote.

Longtime fans of the Kardashians are understandably disappointed by the news — especially since the family's past Christmas Eve parties have provided hours upon hours of entertainment on social media. Fortunately, Khloé said next year's event will be bigger and better than ever. "Next year, our Christmas Eve party is going to be so fucking f*re!" she added. "Covid better be gone by next Christmas."

The cancellation seemingly proves that the Kardashians have had a change of heart recently. Last month, the KUWTK star tweeted the family was planning a scaled-down holiday party. "It will have to be way smaller obviously," she tweeted. "And I'm totally fine with that! But we're definitely celebrating Christmas! It will just have to be small and safe. Maybe do rapid testing before." The tweet received immediate pushback from fans, who noted that the safest option would be to cancel the event altogether.

The Kardashians have taken heat in recent months for hosting gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic. In October, Kim Kardashian hosted a 40th birthday party on a private island, revealing that she surprised her friends and family with the extravagant getaway after "multiple health screens." Many fans called out the reality star for flaunting the privilege of being able to travel to a remote island during a global health crisis.

Kendall Jenner also drew criticism for hosting her 25th birthday party on Halloween, which included high-profile celeb guests such as The Weeknd, Hailey and Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, and more. The party, which had a "no social media rule," was widely denounced on social media. Kris Jenner addressed the family's perceived lack of coronavirus precautions, explaining that they were "sensitive to what's going on." "We do what we can, we try to follow the rules," the matriarch said.