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The Masked Singer Season 7 Spoilers Include A Rudy Giuliani Reveal

He put the "bad" in the season's "The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly" theme.

So far, the 'Masked Singer' Season 7 spoilers include a controversial Rudy Giuliani moment. Photo vi...
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It’s that time of year again: a new season of The Masked Singer means a new round of guessing who’s under those bizarre yet beautifully constructed costumes (these things are detailed!). The popular reality competition show returns March 9, according to FOX. Of course, like any great reality show, there are always behind-the-scenes secrets and spoilers to explore if you prefer to bypass the whole mystery route. In fact, the first batch of Masked Singer spoilers for Season 7 are in — and there seems to be a very controversial contestant involved this time around.

According to Deadline, Donald Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani was unmasked during filming for The Masked Singer Season 7’s first episode — a reveal that several judges were not OK with. Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke reportedly exited the stage “in protest” but returned later on. Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger were said to have stayed on stage and even “bantered” with Giuliani.

As for Giuliani’s costume or song, Deadline didn’t disclose those specifics. However, you can start your guessing because the theme for this season is already out. Named “The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly,” Season 7’s costumes seem to include some kind of royal frog and a stylish bug (introduced as The Good), a horned Roman gladiator and cyclops troll (The Bad), and a lemur (The Cuddly). There’s also an astronaut bunny who is very much giving Sandy Cheeks.

Giuliani doesn’t seem to have obvious ties to any of the costumes, so it will be tough to crank out theories. He does have some history with the Cuddly category, but not the good kind — as the New York Daily News reports, Giuliani had previously called a man “deranged” for wanting to keep a ferret as a pet. “This excessive concern with little weasels is a sickness,” he told a caller to his radio show in 1999, during his time as New York mayor. “You should go consult a psychologist.” Um... what? Anyway, if a contestant’s clue package alludes to a personal vendetta against furry creatures, well, you know who it is.

It won’t be long before The Masked Singer Season 7 is finally here. Until then, stick around to see if there are any more spoilers or problematic contestants revealed in the weeks ahead.