The Masked Singer Sun Theories Range From Disney Stars To An Olympic Champ

Ken Jeong's guess: Madonna.

Michael Becker/FOX

Season 4 of the trippiest vocal competition on television has officially begun, and there's already a potential front-runner to win it all: the Sun. Kicking off the show with an impressive performance of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You," the Sun's first Masked Singer performance immediately sparked theories ranging from Grammy winner Christina Aguilera to American Idol fave Katherine McPhee (that last one was a Nicole Scherzinger guess). Oh, and Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke both guessed Madonna, so, going by Jeong's infamously bad track record, it might be safe to rule out the queen of pop.

Based on her performance, the one thing we know for sure about the Sun is that she can actually sing. Not only did she hit the runs and the high notes, she sang with confidence, convincing the judges and viewers watching at home that she was a professional singer. Her clues package hinted that the Sun, who said she's been through through "many extreme seasons," had gotten famous at an early age and been through many, but soon felt overwhelmed by it all. "It was a ton of pressure," the Sun said in the animated clip, "The spotlight was scorching and I got burned out, soaking my fall into a deep depression." Add in allusions to Disney ears and Frozen, and you've got one confusing first set of clues. Here are the Internet's top guesses about who the Sun is on The Masked Singer.

LeAnn Rimes

If LeAnn Rimes is under the mask, as some fans on Twitter suggested, it would make sense. Not only does Rimes have the ability to nail a Lizzo cover, she also has a history with the Disney machine, and had a bit of a downturn in her career due to the pressures of the spotlight and how she was put under a microscope following her divorce from Dean Sheremet and her highly publicized affair with Eddie Cibrian, to whom she is now happily married. Plus, as noted by Good Housekeeping, Rimes performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics, which could tie to the Sun's "shine like a torch during the freezing winter" clue that was teased last week.

But the biggest clue that the Sun might be Rimes, besides the vocal chops, is the costume. One of Rimes' most famous hits is "Can't Fight the Moonlight," so dressing up as the Sun would be a fun way for her to start a new chapter in her career. Not to mention, the moon also plays a significant part in the Sun's clue package, bringing about her depression. You really can't fight the moonlight.

Demi Lovato

Jenny McCarthy guessed that Demi Lovato was behind the mask, and fans on Twitter agreed, noting her impressive vocals and her Disney ties. The clues package hinted that the Sun became famous on the Disney channel, and that it eventually led to a depression, which loosely mirror's Lovato's journey from Disney darling to mental health advocate. The clues also included a Frozen reference, and though she did not appear in the film, Lovato did cover "Let It Go" for an official Disney release. Plus, she did star in the Disney Channel original series, Sonny with a Chance.

One major issue with this theory, however, is that the Sun doesn't really sound like the pop star, though she could be disguising her voice. Still, stans are pretty certain it's not her.

Christina Aguilera

Another acclaimed singer who rose to fame under the Disney umbrella, Christina Aguilera, was a popular guess on Twitter. Like Lovato, she too rose to fame on Disney, but quickly rebelled against her wholesome image and went through some slight rough patches.

Also like Lovato: she's got a signature vocal style that is immediately recognizable, and it was absolutely not present in the Sun's performance.

Lindsey Vonn

The "torch" clue could hint that the Sun isn't an Olympic performer, but an actual Olympic athlete. Per Good Housekeeping, The Masked Singer previously teased that this season's contestants included an Olympic Gold medalist. Vonn, meanwhile, won a gold medal as a skier in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Masked Singer will return with a brand new crop of performers next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.