Where To Follow The Ultimatum Cast On Instagram

They’re all about to put their relationships to the ultimate test.

by Kadin Burnett
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Randall Griffin, Hunter Parr, Isaiah Wilson toasting during season 1 of The Ultimatum
Jody Domingue/Netflix

April 6 marks the premiere of yet another outlandish Netflix dating show: The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Similar to USA’s Temptation Island, the show puts four existing couples to the test — but with higher stakes. Each of the couples have entered the experiment because one partner wants to get married and the other isn’t as sure. Over the course of eight weeks, they’ll individually separate and move in with someone from one of the other couples for a three-week “trial marriage,” giving them an idea of what a future with someone else might look like. Then, the original couples will move in together for another three weeks. At the end, they’ll decide if they want to finally commit — or move on with someone else.

Get to know the cast — and where to follow them on Instagram — below.

Rae, 24

A proud HBCU alum from Southwestern University, Rae’s feed is populated with selfies and glamour shots that show off her curly hair. However, if you’re more interested in what’s going on inside Rae’s head, she has her Twitter linked in her bio. Her timeline is full of musings about life and love. One her more recent tweets evokes a Drake lyric: “Ain’t much out here to have feelings for.” Perhaps that’s ominous foreshadowing for how her time on the show will go?

Madlyn, 24

Madlyn’s feed shows off her fun side. The Texas A&M alum turned IT project manager isn’t shy about flaunting the matching butterfly tattoo she got with her friend, nor her ability to take over a DJ booth at a wedding. You’ll also find a video of two cute white dogs frolicking in some flowers on her grid.

Colby, 25

Colby’s Instagram highlights his love for the outdoors, including photos of him traversing the grand canyon and walking among the palm trees. He also enjoys hunting, whether on his own or with a four-legged friend.

Randall, 26

A proud alum of Florida A&M University, Randall loves a good Instagram ‘fit pic. If he’s not wearing a snazzily patterned shirt, he’s showing off a pair of snazzy pants instead. He can pull off a dapper suit just as well as he can a matching poolside set. “Out-dressing you even in my play clothes,” he captioned a 2020 post.

Shanique, 24

Though Shanique lives in Austin, her bio says that she’s Jamaican-born, which may explain why she feels so at home near the water. Her feed as populated with pictures of her poolside, beachside, on boats, and rafting down rivers, all while managing to keep her hair positively perfect.

Lauren, 26

Judging by Lauren’s Instagram feed, you’d be hard pressed to find her inside for any prolonged period of time. Born and raised in Austin, Lauren looks like she’s entirely comfortable trekking through mountains, strolling along the beach, and lounging on hammocks in Mexico.

Nate, 30

The Austin, Texas native and real estate developer may have trouble committing on The Ultimatum, if only because his heart clearly belongs to his gorgeous pooch. Nathan’s dog Charlie is the star of his Instagram feed, which shows the two exploring hiking trails, parks, and summer patios.

Zay, 25

With only eight posts, Zay has the sparsest Instagram in the cast by far. Two of his posts are promotional video for The Ultimatum, while most of the others are professional shots. His bio includes links to his TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, so you can check those out to learn more about him.

Jake, 26

Jake’s feed quickly lets you know that he’s a military man, having served as recently as 2019. His grid also features photos of him dressed up for a wedding and sporting a more casual look for a low-key evening.

April, 23

According to April’s bio, she moved from LA to Austin. Her love of warm weather is apparent across her feed: Whether by the beach or the pool, April almost always finds a way to soak up the sun.

Hunter, 28

Hunter definitely seems like someone who likes to spend time outside of the house. His feed is filled with photos of hims wakeboarding, hiking, skiing, and attending a college football tailgate in support of the Texas Longhorns.

Alexis, 25

Alexis is clearly a fan of cocktails. Whether it’s an evening martini, a glass of wine on a patio, or a poolside margarita, Alexis likes to imbibe. She also has plenty of pictures of her in bright florals, bikinis, and evening dresses. Bonus points to Alexis for her remarkable Mean Girls Halloween costume.

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