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This Bachelorette Contestant Loves Food More Than Anyone

His favorite way to show people around his hometown is with an intensive tour of the best burritos, burgers and brunch.

Among the men in Katie Thurston’s roster of Bachelorette contestants is Thomas Jacobs, a 28-year-old real estate broker from Powaway, California. Compared to other people (read: influencers) who’ve gone on the show, he has a threadbare social media presence, making him a bit harder to get to know. But if you dig in the right places, you can learn a few things. Read on for the highlights.

Thomas Loves Food

No, like really loves it. His Bachelorette bio says his love language is food, and he enjoys bringing his loved ones their favorite dishes. One of his favorite ways to show people around his hometown of San Diego is to bring them through a “meticulously curated tour of the best burritos, burgers and brunch the city has to offer,” his bio reads. But a healthy appetite isn’t the only thing that’s important to him. Which leads us to...

Thomas Is Looking For Someone Thoughtful & Ambitious

Per his bio, Thomas is “a true believer that everything happens for a reason” and thinks the timing of meeting Katie couldn’t be more perfect for him. He’s looking for a life partner who’s beautiful, athletic, and mature. Ambition and thoughtfulness are also two of his biggest turn-ons, and there are few Bachelor contestants who’ve embodied those qualities as well as Katie. As both a sex-positive dynamo and consummate mediator ready to get engaged, she could be exactly what Thomas is looking for. Will he also be a perfect match for her? Time will tell.

Thomas’ Instagram Is Pretty Sparse

Thomas has roughly 1000 followers on Instagram and just four posts. Excluding his promotional Bachelorette headshot, most of his photos include his two rescue dogs, Leo and Sofia. There’s not much more you’ll learn about Thomas from Instagram. However, his Zillow profile paints a more complete picture. The first thing you’ll discover about Jacobs is his love of athletics; he’s a former University of San Diego basketball player turned volunteer youth league coach. When he’s not volunteering, he’s working as one of San Diego’s premier real estate agents, joining a long line of real estate professionals turned Bachelor contestants.

Thomas Is Very Successful In His Job

As one of the top 3% real estate agents in his region, Thomas earned a place in the San Diego Association of Realtors, Circle of Excellence. Thomas credits his career success to growing up in a military household, which according to him, “molded his principles of discipline, integrity and an unrivaled work ethic that directly bring value to his clients through his passion to work above and beyond, around the clock to satisfy any specific needs regarding your real estate journey,” his Zillow profile reads. The Bachelor/ette franchise has been known to use fake houses for some hometown visits, so should Thomas make the top four, he may able to hook the producers up with some homes to choose from.