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What To Remember About Bachelor In Paradise Star Tre From Katie’s Bachelorette Season

The Georgia native was one of the more outspoken men in the cast.

by Kadin Burnett
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'Bachelor In Paradise' contestant Tre Cooper
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor Nation is once again hitting the beach. Two years after the previous season, Bachelor in Paradise will return for Season 7 on Aug. 16, promising several weeks worth of drama and romance. Some of the contestants, like Ivan Hall and Victoria Larson — aka the Queen — will be well known to fans, while others may require a bit more of a refresh. Tre Cooper, who competed on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette but was eliminated in Week 6, falls into the latter camp. Here’s everything to remember about him heading into the show.

Tre’s Job Is In Tech

According to Tre’s official Bachelorette bio, the 26-year-old is a software engineer from Covington, Georgia. Where he works currently is unclear, but he appears to have graduated from Georgia State University in 2017.

Tre’s Instagram Is Sparse

Tre’s Instagram only stretches as far back as 2018, and in that time he’s shared just 14 posts. Of the photos on his page are several wedding pictures as well as a couple shots of Tre with his family, including one of him holding his newborn nephew and a picture with his mom for Mother’s Day.

According to his Bachelorette bio, Tre is very close with his family. He also loves playing the harmonica and meeting his friends for brunch and book club. In addition, he appears to be a fan of Star Wars: in 2019, he posted an Instagram photo of himself wearing Jedi apparel and attending what looks to be a fan convention.

Tre’s Approach To Dating

Tre describes himself in his Bachelorette bio as outgoing, kind, and open-minded. Never one to pass up on a new experience, Tre is looking for a confidant woman who’s “not afraid to let passion and spontaneity dictate life's direction.” However, he also wants someone to settle down with. His bio says he “wants as many kids as possible (and that he and his wife can comfortably afford)!” An emotional connection is just as important to him: for Tre, the ability to be vulnerable with each other is a must in a relationship.

What Happened To Tre On Katie’s Season

Many will remember Tre as one of the more opinionated men from Katie’s season. He first made a name for himself in Episode 3 when he decided that Katie should know that Thomas Jacobs may not have been on the show for the “right reasons.” After informing Katie of his concerns, she awarded him with a group date rose. However, their connection was short-lived: she sent him home a few weeks later.

He may not have been a fit for Katie, but perhaps Tre will find the spontaneous woman of his dreams down in Mexico.

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