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Twitter Reacts To Charity & Xavier’s Bachelorette Fantasy Suites


Charity and Xavier on 'The Bachelorette.' Photo via ABC
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity Lawson and Xavier Bonner’s Bachelorette journey has seen its share of ups and downs: between Xavier reminding Charity of past relationships, and admitting he was “scared” to commit to marriage. But their connection was still strong after hometown dates — so no one could have predicted just how dramatically they would part ways in Fiji.

So, what went down? The first sign of trouble during the Aug. 7 Fantasy Suites episode was when Xavier compared Charity to a “delicate flower” he didn’t “want to crush” during a Fijian pre-wedding ritual. “There’s a million ways to interpret that ... When you do pick me up, why would you crush me? I don’t know,” Charity wondered.

The metaphor seemed to be a harbinger of the reveal that came during dinner hours later: Xavier was unfaithful multiple times in his past relationship of two years. “Prior to that, like, there was just a long period of time where I just wanted her to do and be who I wanted her to be,” he explained. “And that was wrong. And I just chose myself instead of choosing her.”

As Charity noted in a confessional, that “was exactly what [her] ex did.” So she naturally had some major concerns — as did viewers watching along at home.

Charity was willing to hear Xavier out, though, and asked him if he’d worked on himself to grow from that infidelity. “Because if not, like, that mistake 100% is capable of happening again,” she said. Xavier didn’t have too much to say specifically, aside from the fact that he’d become “more introspective” and learned to question the motives behind his actions.

Charity was also disappointed when Xavier seemed to suggest that cheating on a girlfriend wasn’t quite as bad as cheating on a wife. “I’ll be damned,” she said. “It’s inexcusable on any level. Are you kidding?”

Even after all that, Charity was about to give Xavier the overnight card. She just had one more question: “I need to know that you’re going to do what it takes for you to show up for me ... so, will you do that for us?”

“It has to be no doubt and 100% certainty for me to do that,” Xavier replied. “And in my heart, there is not any f*cking doubt,” Xavier replied. “But in my mind, there is that doubt. And for me to get to that point, that has to happen tonight. I need to see more.”

This seemed to be the final straw for Charity. “That makes no sense to me,” she said in a confessional. “What do you need to see? Nothing. This is me. Like, that is what you get. Like, us in that bedroom is not gonna determine whether or not you can see longevity in a relationship.”

Charity ultimately decided Xavier hadn’t learned from his past infidelity — and lacking reassurance, decided to walk him out of contention for her heart. “It’s the most disappointing goodbye yet,” she told the camera.