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Ed Has Been Reconnecting With Nature Since Leaving The Bachelorette

Plus, he got a Dateline shoutout.

When it came to Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette, Ed Waisbrot was not one to shy away from drama. He and Chasen had a long-running feud between them that Tayshia denounced as petty, and their squabbling eventually led to both men being kicked to the curb. The preview for the Men Tell All special shows that Ed returns to reignite old fights, with him once again calling someone (probably Chasen, though the camera pans to Kenny) a "fake" and a "phony."

Still, Ed was far from one of the main villains of the seasons, and he did win viewers over with his dry humor. After Chasen was eliminated, Ed seemed poised to be an underrated and comedic favorite. He was dubbed "man child" after a series of spelling and math quizzes, and at one point carried around a baby doll named Carlos. His attempt at sneaking off to Tayshia's room ended with him having a late night wine talk with Chris Harrison instead — clearly staged, but amusing nevertheless. Ed also tended to appear in the blooper reel at the end of the episodes, where he did quirky things like try on a face mask and reveal that his perfect Friday night involved watching Dateline.

But Tayshia just wasn't feeling the sparks with Ed, and she sent him home on the Dec. 8 episode. Unlike the drama he occasionally caused in the mansion, post-Bachelorette Ed seems to be taking it easy and reconnecting with nature. Filming for the season ended on Sept. 1, and on Sept. 2 Ed posted a very chill picture of himself enjoying the beach.

On Sept. 26 he posted a photo of himself relaxing at Lake Blanche Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, with the caption "Sun don’t shine in the shade, birds can’t fly in a cage." (A possible message about being happy to be out of the mansion?) On Oct. 4 he was once again hitting the trails, posting a photo of himself posing under a rock at Zion National Park. More recent trips include Pennsylvania and Kansas, though it's unclear whether these were also camping related.

Ed uses Twitter less frequently than Instagram, but he did manage to get an amusing shoutout from Dateline on Twitter after leaving the show. "Every time we put on our cucumber aloe mask, we'll think of you," they wrote to Ed. Finally, Ed revealed in a Dec. 14 Twitter video why he may have always been quick to argue at the mansion: he was basically swimming in energy drinks the whole time. "Hey Bachelor Nation, a fun little behind-the-scenes fact. I used to crush about ten of these a day while filming," he says in the video, gesturing to a can of Bang before tossing it on the floor. It seems like he drank it before filming the Men Tell All episode, which likely means that fireworks will be inevitable.