The Cute Mochi Donut Shop From Queer Eye Is Busier Than Ever

Owner Sarah Lim makes edible art.

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Saram Lim is the owner of OMG Squee in 'Queer Eye' Season 6.
Ilana Panich-Linsman/Netflix

When Queer Eye Season 6 star Sarah Lim first met the Fab 5, her small business had just been through a rough patch. She opened OMG Squee, an Asian-inspired bakery, in November 2019 with her business partner Michael DeAnda. But then COVID hit, and the lockdown forced them to pivot several times in order to stay afloat. On top of that, OMG Squee was targeted by racist vandals who, emboldened by Donald Trump’s anti-Chinese rhetoric, stole the business’ Asian-themed decorations and kicked in the front door. OMG Squee ultimately managed to survive the pandemic, but as Sarah tearfully told culture expert Karamo Brown, it always felt like they were “one bad month” away from closing their doors for good.

Sarah had a particularly hard time running the bakery with such a small staff. There were only three people working at OMG Squee during COVID, and Sarah decorated and baked everything herself. She admitted that while her desserts were popular, they literally couldn’t keep up with the demand and even had to turn down people who asked if she could ship her goods out of the city.

The Fab 5 helped to remind Sarah about the importance of self-care and delegating tasks to others. And by the end of the episode, both Sarah and OMG Squee had received an updated look. Sarah officially officially reopened OMG Squee on May 29. And while they unfortunately had to close again on June 22 — explaining on Instagram that the main breaker kept cutting out, making it impossible for them to bake — it appears that the issue has since been resolved. The business is now open Thursdays through Sundays, with holiday hours or special schedule updates posted on Instagram.

While it appears that Sarah didn’t move ahead with food and wine expert Antoni Porowski’s suggestion to partner with Goldbelly, she continues to take OMG Squee preorders online for various items, including Thanksgiving pies, limited edition character macarons, and new flavors of mochi donuts (for pick-up, not delivery just yet). Their taikyaki and ice cream machines are also finally up and running, and they did away with the takeout-only window. Based on OMG Squee’s Instagram, it looks like Sarah is finally hiring enough people to keep the business going too. According to a Sept. 6 Instagram post, she appears to have hired two more workers alongside her business partner and Kellee Black (who’s featured in the episode). And on Oct. 12, she put out another hiring call, noting that OMG Squee is a “small but fast growing bakery” seeking people for long-term positions.

In a May 2021 interview with Future Front Texas, Sarah said that they’d just finished buying out the coffee shop business that was in the building before them. Going forward, she’s excited to get the shop “fully operational” and continue to build out their staff and business. “I’ll be happy to start moving forward — professionally and personally — after a hard year in pandemic survival mode.”

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