What Is Tom Brady's Net Worth Amid Divorce From Gisele Bündchen?

The Buccaneers quarterback is the ninth richest athlete in the world.

by Seth Millstein and Radhika Menon
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Until recently, Tom Brady was one half of a power couple. His now-ex-wife Gisele Bündchen was one of the most highly paid and sought-after supermodels, while his 23-years-and-counting career in the NFL has raked in seven-to-eight-figure salaries combined with many endorsements. Together, the couple was worth over half of $1 billion. With his divorce from Bündchen finalized, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback might have to remove a couple of million from his shared bottom line, but his bank account is still pretty solid.

He was on the New England Patriots for 20 years, the record for seasons as quarterback on one team. Brady played in nine Super Bowl games with the Patriots and is the winningest NFL quarterback of all time (among many other records). It’s safe to say that he came a long way since being the 199th draft pick in 2000, as per Sports Illustrated. His success didn’t stop there — Brady has amassed major wealth between his endorsements and contracts lined up for whenever he retires (again).

Here’s a closer look at Brady’s finances, and the number of ways that he has made his millions.

4 Ways Tom Brady Makes His Fortune

1. Football

Touchdown Tom, as Brady is sometimes called, has some truly astonishing statistics under his belt. As of 2021, over the course of his two-decades-long career, he's set the NFL records for division titles (17), playoff games started (45), playoff wins (34), playoff passing yards (12,449), and regular season wins by a starting quarterback (230). He's won more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback (7) and has been named the Super Bowl MVP more times than any other player (5). Brady holds the record for Super Bowl appearances (10), touchdown passes in Super Bowl games (21), and Super Bowl passing yards (3,039). Despite retiring briefly at the beginning of 2022, many argue that he should be considered the best NFL quarterback of all time.

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It's no surprise, then, that he has a boatload of money in the bank. When Brady first joined the Buccaneers in 2021, his deal added $25 million to his name. In 2022, his deal was restructured to $15 million which includes a $13 million signing bonus to be paid out over five years. According to Spotrac, Brady raked in over $235 million from his 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, averaging $11.758 million per year.

2. Endorsements

Forbes ranked Brady as the ninth highest-paid athlete in the world — and, unsurprisingly, the highest-paid football player — and much of that comes from his brand endorsements. Brady lends his face to high-end luxury brands like Aston Martin, where he is reportedly advertising a $200,000 car, and the premium watch company Tag Heuer, while also signing deals with everyday names like beer company Sam Adams, Under Armour, Ugg, and Foot Locker.

In 2020, Yahoo Finance reported that he had earned $14 million in 2019 from these brand deals, while Forbes puts his total earnings from endorsements at $52 million. In 2021, he became the face of Hertz’s new Tesla fleet and signed on to promote Subway sandwiches, only adding more to his bottom line.

3. Businesses

Brady first became an entrepreneur when he created TB12 in 2016, a fitness and nutrition company. It started with healthy snacks and merchandising but has evolved into the dietary supplement, fitness equipment, and body coaching facilities space. He also has a nonprofit called the TB12 Foundation that runs clinics for at-risk athletes.

He got into the entertainment space in 2020 with his company 199 Productions. Insider reported that the company “already has a number of projects in the works, including several that feature Brady on camera, coverings sports, health and wellness, and more.” In 2021, he co-created the sports-centric NFT platform Autograph, which received $170 million in funding before securing a deal with DraftKings for distribution.

In 2022 Brady created an apparel company called Brady Brand, which he called a “next-generation clothing line...that performs across every activity—because life is a sport.”

4. Post-Retirement Plans

Whenever Brady decides (again) to hang up the cleats for good, he already has his next career move figured out. Sports Illustrated reported in May 2022 that Brady and Fox Sports have solidified a 10-year, $375 million contract which will put the Super Bowl champ on-air as the network’s lead NFL analyst.

What Is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?


While Bundchen is walking away from their divorce with her whopping $400 million net worth, Brady isn’t doing too bad for himself. As his career on the field winds down, he has his hands in enough pots to keep the money coming in for years to come.

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