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Where The Girls Who Played Jude Law's Daughters In The Holiday Are Now

Actors Miffy Englefield and Emma Pritchard played a key role in the festive classic.

Miffy Englefield and Emma Pritchard as Sophie and Olivia in The Holiday
Netflix / The Holiday

This time 14 years ago the world was treated to The Holiday, a festive staple starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black. Now streaming on Netflix, now’s the perfect excuse to get all nostalgic over Christmas — especially when it comes to the film's youngest stars, who played Jude Law's on-screen children. But where are the daughters from The Holiday now?

Miffy Englefield, who starred in the movie as Sophie when she was six-years-old, had a few telly roles after her film debut includingThe Whistleblowers and Casualty. Englefield stopped acting when she was in her early teens, as "it was taking up a lot of mine and dad's time and I have two younger siblings who also needed his attention," she told Fabulous magazine. "I don't regret it, although it was fun." However, in a recent interview with the New York Times (via Stylist), she hasn't ruled out a return to acting. "Maybe one day it'll be an industry I'm involved in once more, that's the dream!"

In April 2020, the now 21-year-old Englefield welcomed her daughter Frankie to the world. “She has the largest and most loving family with the most ridiculous mix of beautiful people around her,” she captioned an Insta post revealing the news. “We cannot wait for you all to meet her once the world begins to return to a more normal state.”

Englefield has very fond memories of her time on set, despite not knowing who the big names were — apart from Black. “My dad was really into alternative music and I liked [his band] Tenacious D,” she said. “The first time I met him I bounded up to him and said, ‘I love your music.’ He was like, ‘that is ridiculous, you are six years old!’”

Once her daughter is older, Englefield will definitely show The Holiday to her. “If she wanted to be an actress I would support her,” she told the magazine. “And I know what people will say… the little girl from The Holiday is a mum — god, I must be really old.”

She also became best buds with Law and Diaz, who even gave her and her co-star Emma Pritchard denim jackets with their names on after filming wrapped. “They made all this time for these two little kids running around,” Englefield told the New York Times.

As for Pritchard, who played Olivia, it seems like The Holiday has been her only acting credit. As Tyla notes, she seems to be keeping a low profile and doesn't have any social media accounts.

You can stream The Holiday now on Netflix UK.