13 Going On 30’s Christa Allen Is Now A Major TikTok Star

Jenna Rink forever.

Christa Allen as Jenna Rink in '13 Going On 30'
New Line Cinema

Fans of the 2004 classic 13 Going On 30, will be pleased that Christa Allen has well and truly made her return to the spotlight, 18 years after debuting in the iconic ‘00s film. Allen was recently spotted on the red carpet at 6th Annual Create and Cultivate 100 List Presented by Chevrolet Launch Party – hosted on Mar. 2, 2022 – sporting a brunette long bob, a matching brown tied cropped shirt, and cut-out black wide trousers.

Allen was being honoured by Create & Cultivate in their content creators category which highlighted ten creatives who are the “voices of impact to follow in 2022”. Hailed as a “a modern storyteller—one with an ageless energy and wisdom beyond her years,” Allen has amassed 1.8 million followers on the platform since joining during lockdown 2020. “I was inspired by the way community exists on the platform,” she said at the ceremony, “the trends feel like a sweet inside joke shared amongst millions of us.”

Creating makeup tutorials and lifestyle-based videos using TikTok and Instagram Reels mainly, Allen has also paid homage to her breakout role in 13 Going On 30 a number of times, recreating iconic looks and scenes from the cult-fave film.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On her TikTok content, Allen goes on to say, “It feels cosy and welcoming. It also feels like a close neighbour of the film & TV world I grew up in, just a shorter format. I already speak the language of visual storytelling, so it was fun for me to express myself using all of those tools.”

Allen also emphasised the effort and planning that goes into crafting the short clips on TikTok. “Though it’s on a smaller scale, creating on TikTok involves writing, performing, cinematography, lighting, editing, set design, costume design, and more. ALL of my film experience comes into play,” she explained of the creation process.

Allen played the young Jenna Rink, the younger version of Jennifer Garner’s character, in 13 Going On 30. Since her big role, Allen has continued to act and featured in films including Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with her former co-star Jennifer Garner. She’s also no stranger to our TV screens, as she’s guest starred on Grey's Anatomy, ER, CSI, and Wizards of Waverly Place, and currently has a recurring role in the series Baby Daddy.