These Photos Of Karen From Outnumbered Today Will Make You Feel Old AF

The actor is now 20 years old star.

by Sophie McEvoy
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These Photos Of Karen From 'Outnumbered' Today Will Make You Feel Old AF. Pictured here aged 6.

Known for the incredible improvisation of its young cast, BBC’s Outnumbered remains one of Britain’s best sitcoms. But as amazing as the Brockman family were as an ensemble cast, there was one character that stood out among the rest – Karen. The youngest of the three kids, Karen was known for her solid takes – and criticisms – on everything from religion to politics. Played masterfully by Ramona Marquez, who was just six-years-old with no acting experience when taking on the role, Karen remains to be one of the most relatable and outspoken kids on television. But where is Karen from Outnumbered now, and what has she been up to since the show ended in 2017?

Now 20-years-old, Marquez is living life to the full up North. Now sporting a vivid red hairstyle, Marquez is currently studying Mandarin and Spanish at Manchester University according to The Manchester Tab. Whilst she doesn’t seem to be a member of the university’s Drama Society, Marquez has kept up with her acting career in between her studies. In 2020, she starred in the sci-fi film 7 Hours To Earth, followed by the short film Wish You Were Gone in 2021.

The actor also contributed to activist and illustrator Florence Given’s book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty. Published in 2020, Marquez penned the chapter “Maybe It’s A Girl Crush, Maybe You’re A Queer” in which she explores her experiences of heteronormativity – a term referring to the assumption that hetereosexuality is the norm.

“The influence of heteronormativity and the male gaze was so strong that I, someone who has fallen intensely in love with multiple women, felt like an imposter calling myself bisexual,” Marquez writes in the chapter. “Hetereosexuality is the fairy tale we are spoon-fed growing up. We see it on our TV screens and read about it in our bedtime stories,” she continues, adding “I like to call this relentless bombardment, quite simply, hetrifying.”

While Marquez may be focused on studying and writing for the time being, she finds the time to regularly catch up with mates as evidenced by her Instagram, as well as her Outnumbered co-stars. “Feel old yet”, she captioned a post of her and her on-screen brothers Daniel Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey. In short: yes, very.

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