Fans Think They’ve Sussed Where Lorde’s “Solar Power” Video Was Filmed

Get ready to feel some serious summer envy.

by Aisha Rimi

It’s been four long years since Lorde’s last album, Melodrama a wait that fans have no doubt found excruciating. But summer 2021 just got the chilled-out anthem it needed with the release of the singer’s newest single “Solar Power.”

Thanks to a leak of the song, Lorde made her comeback a day earlier than planned with what is the first single off of her upcoming third album of the same name. And not only did we get a brand new tune from the songstress, but a killer music video too.

The video has serious summer vibes, with Lorde dancing around a beach in a cute yellow co-ord. In other words, it will have you wanting to book a holiday ASAP. But where is Lorde’s “Solar Power” filmed?

While singer hasn’t revealed exactly where the video was shot, in an interview with Triple J, she said she wanted to capture the “infectious, flirtatious energy that starts to come [in summer].”

She continued: “We made a whole bunch of videos for this album. We built literally basically a universe on a secret beach. The first video is me introducing you to the world of the album and the videos, I play a kooky tour guide almost.”

Eagle-eyed fans have suggested that the “secret beach” can be found on Waiheke Island in Lorde’s native New Zealand. The idyllic 20km-long island is a 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland and has been described as “a haven of beautiful vineyards, olive groves and beaches.” Sounds like the perfect place to take in the natural scenery New Zealand has to offer.

Whether you want to explore the white sandy beaches, go kayaking or explore the island’s walking trails, there’s plenty for adventure seekers to enjoy here. For history lovers, you can visit old World War II gun emplacements and underground tunnels.

Travelling may be limited at this moment in time, but from this video alone, Waiheke Island looks like a place to add to the travel list.