Charlotte Ritchie Is Joe Goldberg’s Latest Fixation In You

But who is she fixated on, romantically?

by Sophie McEvoy
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Charlotte Ritchie in 'You'

Charlotte Ritchie has become quite the familiar face on television in recent years, starring as Kate in You’s eagerly awaited fourth season on Netflix. The talented actor also features in Channel 4’s Fresh Meat, Feel Good, Dead Pixels, BBC’s Ghosts, and Call The Midwife, as well as Grantchester. Too many greats to count, really. But what about her romantic life off-screen? More specifically, who is Charlotte Ritchie dating IRL?

The actor rarely talks about her love life, but going by what she’s said in previous interviews, it would seem as though Ritchie might be single currently. In 2015, she told the Daily Mail about her long-term relationship, revealing that she was dating an economist at the time. “We were at uni together, but didn’t start dating until afterwards,” Ritchie explained. But in an interview with the Guardian last year, she spoke about how her ex-boyfriend used to be a huge Love Island fan – though it is not confirmed if that was the same economist in question. “I would always go around to his and complain about it, and then, within five minutes, I would be telling them off if they spoke over the contestants,” she said. We can relate.

While keeping her love-life schtum, Ritchie spoke a lot about her Feel Good character George and the on-screen romance with the series’ star Mae Martin. “You go on a real journey with this couple and I find I just really root for them,” Ritchie told RadioTimes ahead of Feel Good’s anticipated second series in June 2021.

Speaking about what happened with Mae and George in season two, Ritchie said: “I suppose you get this feeling like you are still kind of wondering where they go next. I don’t think that it’s completely fully tied up in a big pretty bow, but it’s truthful. There’s this sense of the unknown in their future which I really love because I think that’s what life really is like. There are no guarantees and you do have to take whatever life is throwing at you as you progress either together or not.”

And as for her latest role in You as Joe Goldberg’s latest fixation, she was very “nervous” about joining the ensemble cast. “It’s a comfy state to be slightly nervous but I was very. I don’t think I quite realised the scale of the show beforehand,” she told RadioTimes. On top of that, her character Kate was unlike anything she’d ever played before. “That was the thing I was most fixated on was working out how that was going to be, how I was going to manage that.” Thankfully, Kate can see Joe’s true form straight away. “I was really chuffed at the beginning because Kate seems to see Joe for who he is,” Ritchie explained. “She immediately thinks this guy’s not good.”

Aside from her ever-growing list of television roles, Ritchie is also an accomplished musician who is a member of the classical crossover group All Angels. Her brother Luke is also a singer-songwriter, who she toured the country with in 2015. Her sister, Alice, is a journalist, but she’s been instructed to stop talking about her in interviews “because whenever I’m asked I say the wrong thing,” Ritchie explains.

“The three of us are very abusive to each other, but in a nice way,” she told the Daily Mail in 2015. “We all live in London and meet up regularly. Mum and dad have forced us to be nice to each other.”

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