Everything We Know About YOU Season 4

Joe is once again in a new city with a new obsession.

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg in YOU Season 3

Spoilers for the end of YOU Season 3. At the end of YOU Season 3, love is, quite literally, dead. After Love tries to temporarily paralyze Joe with aconite so that they can talk out their marital issues, Joe stabs her with a full syringe of the poison, killing her. Joe has already moved on to his next “true” love: Marienne, the librarian who stole his heart and is now the only woman he could possibly see himself with. But to be with her he has to leave behind his son and kill his wife, which definitely doesn’t seem that romantic.

However, it does set up quite a pickle for Joe in the fourth season, which will see him once again in hiding, chasing a woman who wants nothing to do with him around the world. Having faked his death and moved to Paris, Season 4 will likely be a big shift from his stalkings of past seasons. Here’s everything we know so far.

The YOU Season 4 Premiere Date

Netflix announced they had renewed YOU for a fourth season on Oct. 13, two days ahead of the third season premiere. While production will be underway soon, a premiere date for Season 4 has not been announced. Typically, the show airs in the fall or winter, so a late 2022 air date feels feasible.

The YOU Season 4 Plot

Although there’s no information about what Season 4 will entail, Season 3 sets up the next chapter of Joe’s journey pretty clearly. Having fled Madre Linda, Joe is searching for Marienne in Paris, a place she always imagined running away to. Unlike his past stalkings, Marienne knows that Joe is bad news because Love warned her in the Season 3 finale. However, she doesn’t know exactly how bad.

“There’s more [story] to tell — by the way, no one [is] more surprised than me,” YOU showrunner Sera Gamble tells Bustle. “The show starts to tell you what it is and what it’s about [as you make it] … And it turns out that I wasn’t thinking expansively enough about love and its obsession. I’ve realized as we go that that’s a bigger subject.”


The series has deviated wildly from the book series it’s based on, but a fourth book from author Caroline Kepnes is in the works, which could provide more fodder for future exploits.

The YOU Season 4 Cast

Casting information for YOU Season 4 has not been announced. The only sure bet to return is Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, and possibly Tati Gabrielle as Marienne if Joe is able to track her down. But Gamble says no matter what happens between the two, it won’t work out well. “When [Joe is] around a woman and he sees something that isn’t working in her life, he sort of thinks there’s an implicit — not even just permission but an expectation that he’ll just take care of that for her,” Gamble says. “That relationship just can’t possibly work because of what Joe is doing.”