This Sugar Rush: Christmas Season May Be The Last

Its casting site is now defunct, hinting at a possible cancellation.

'Sugar Rush: Christmas' isn't currently casting and may not return for a third season on Netflix. Sh...

It feels like it's not the holidays without a new season of Sugar Rush: Christmas on Netflix. The second installment of the holiday baking show hit the streaming site on Nov. 27. But with just a few easy-to-burn-through episodes, it's natural to wonder when more Sugar Rush is coming. If the show sticks to its pattern, Sugar Rush Season 4 (its non-holiday series) will air in July 2021 and the next Sugar Rush: Christmas season will premiere in November 2021. However, there's a chance that the show may not be returning at all.

The Sugar Rush casting site is no longer operating, suggesting upcoming seasons are not currently in the works. And while that may mean the show just isn't casting right now, it's worth noting that casting for other Netflix baking shows like Nailed It! seem to stay up year round to encourage new applicants. (Bustle reached out to Netflix about Sugar Rush's casting but has not yet heard back.) Maybe as the year comes to an end Netflix will relaunch their site and give fans something to look forward to this summer.

Even if you rush through watching Season 2 and Sugar Rush: Christmas doesn't return, there are plenty of other holiday baking shows to entertain you. The spirit of Christmas baking comes in many forms! The Great British Baking Show: Holidays Season 3 hits Netflix on Dec. 4 this year. And while there wasn't a Nailed It! Holiday season for 2020, the show is leading virtual challenges for fans who want to put their own baking skills to the test. Sign up for that waitlist here.

And if you knock out all the Christmas foodie shows before the holidays are over, you deserve a prize and some time to enjoy the other on-theme productions Netflix has to offer.