Will The Prince Air In The UK?

Sophie Turner will star as the voice of Princess Charlotte in HBO’s new, royal-themed animated series.

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U.S. streaming service HBO Max has announced a brand new series, and it's caused quite the reaction in the UK. Titled The Prince, the animated show will poke fun at the royal family through the eyes of six-year-old Prince George. It sounds like a truly bonkers idea but it already has a large fanbase, thanks to a hugely popular meme Instagram account. You probably have many questions. But the most important one has to be: will The Prince ever make it to the UK?

Well, no exact date has been set for a UK release yet, but the show will begin airing in the U.S. on April 29, 2021. Bustle has reached out to HBO to confirm whether a UK release is in the works but we are yet to hear back, so watch this space.

Based on Family Guy writer Gary Janetti's hilarious Instagram (which already boasts almost a million followers), the parody production has already signed an A-list cast.

Janetti himself will play Prince George; a witty character who will act as our “narrator” or sorts and spend his time poking fun at his family and spilling some “royal tea”. Janetti has already began sharing a few clips of the show on his Instagram, including one where the young prince and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (voiced by Frances de la Tour), are sharing a Christmas message with the nation. He also shared a clip of George getting ready for a Halloween party with his sister Charlotte, who will be voiced by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

Elsewhere, American actor Condola Rashad will voice Meghan Markle, while Tom Hollander — a face you might recognise from Bird Box, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Baptiste — will adopt the roles of Prince Philip and Prince Charles. Another Game of Thrones actor, Iwan Rheon, will play Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, while Motherland's Lucy Punch will take on Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will be voiced by Orlando Bloom.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Bloom revealed that his fiancée, Katy Perry, is who ultimately convinced him to be apart of this “genius” new series, and shed light on his recent interaction with Prince Harry, who he hopes will appreciate the royally-inspired humour.

“This guy is so nice, and I think he’s got a great sense of humour. I hope he maintains that through this because they’re sort of on a pedestal. We’re showing real adoration to them in one form or another,” the actor explained, adding, “I try to justify it, because quite frankly, if I’m honest, it’s not like me to poke fun at anyone, but it is done with affection.”

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