Will There Be A Mrs. Davis Season 2?

The show hasn’t been officially renewed — but the cast and creators have teased more to come.

Betty Gilpin in 'Mrs. Davis.' Photo via Peacock
Colleen Hayes/Peacock

Peacock’s Mrs. Davis follows a nun’s epic quest against the powerful, titular artificial intelligence — and given the technology’s growing prevalence in our world, the series stands to be even more relevant as time goes on. On that note, will there be a Mrs. Davis Season 2?

The streamer hasn’t announced one way or the other, but there are plenty of clues (and promising signs) to work with. Co-creator Damon Lindelof was intentional about ending the show’s May 18 finale on a conclusive note, but didn’t rule out a second season. “It’s hubris to end a season with a cliffhanger if you don’t know that there’s going to be a second season, so we wanted to make sure that this quest had a resolution,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Every great idea that we had, we put on the screen. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be more.”

Betty Gilpin, who plays Simone, also voiced her support for more Mrs. Davis to come. “If the world has changed so much since we were filming six months ago, what will Season 2 bring? I think we just gotta keep going,” she told the outlet.

Their comments, plus positive reviews, seem to signal that Mrs. Davis has a bright future ahead. However, Variety recently reported that Peacock made a “last-minute shift” and submitted the series in the Limited/Anthology Series category for the 2023 Emmy Awards. This doesn’t preclude Mrs. Davis from coming back, though. As Variety adds, “it’s believed that the show would return, if at all, with new stories and new characters.”

Co-creator Tara Hernandez seemed to be on the same page in an interview with Gizmodo. “So we as storytellers, our own personal taste is to feel really satisfied and feel like the Holy Grail story has a nice conclusion and that subsequent episodes of Mrs. Davis would presumably be about something else,” she explained. “And I think that’s really exciting for us. It means that we have to sort of bang our heads around and get even more creative if we’re so lucky to continue this journey.”

Similarly, a source told The Wrap that “the show’s boundary-breaking format and proper conclusion made it the perfect fit” for the category. The outlet pointed to The White Lotus as an example of a show that competed as a Limited Series at its first Emmys but continued beyond that with a new story and new characters.