Everything To Know About XO, Kitty Season 2

Netflix has officially renewed the To All The Boys spinoff.

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Choi Min-yeong and Anna Cathcart in 'XO, Kitty.' Photo via Netflix
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Two years after Lara Jean’s love story concluded in To All the Boys: Always and Forever, her precocious little sister is embarking on her own romantic journey. Netflix’s XO, Kitty follows the youngest Song-Covey daughter as she transfers to KISS, the Korean Independent School of Seoul, to start an IRL relationship with her pen pal boyfriend, Dae — and to connect with the memory of her late mom, too. It’s not long before love triangles and other sticky situations arise, though.

The romance, school drama, and Kitty’s journey of self-discovery all pave the way for more storylines to come. And luckily for XO, Kitty fans, Netflix confirmed the show is returning for another season. Here’s everything to know about Season 2.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Cast

You can likely expect the XO, Kitty Season 2 cast to bring back all your favorite students and teachers: Anna Cathcart as Kitty, Minyeong Choi as Dae, Gia Kim as Yuri, Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho, Anthony Keyvan as Q, Théo Augier as Florian, Yunjin Kim as Jina, Peter Thurnwald as Alex, Michael K. Lee as Professor Lee, Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison, and Regan Aliyah as Juliana.

You can probably plan to see John Corbett and Sarayu Blue reprise their roles as Kitty’s dad and his new wife, Trina, too. Janel Parrish and Lana Condor didn’t appear in Season 1 as Kitty’s sisters, Margot and Lara Jean, but here’s hoping for a Season 2 cameo! However, Noah Centineo did show up to support Cathcart at the XO, Kitty premiere — so maybe there’s a chance Peter Kavinsky will join the party, too?

XO, Kitty Season 2 Plot

If you’ve already breezed through Season 1, you know that XO, Kitty ends at a crucial turning point for the titular teen. Spoilers ahead!

With Kitty ending things with Dae, discovering her feelings for Yuri, and fielding a surprise love confession from Min Ho, it’s clear that the second season will include even more love triangle drama. Kitty also learned that her mom might have had another serious relationship before meeting Dr. Covey — laying the foundation for a new mystery in Season 2.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

Production on XO, Kitty Season 1 began in spring 2022, and the show premiered just over a year later. If the second season follows suit, a summer 2024 release is not out of the question! This could partially depend on the writers strike, though. Han and co-showrunner Sascha Rothchild recently skipped the XO, Kitty premiere in solidarity with their fellow writers. “This moment is bigger than me, it’s bigger than the shows, and what’s at stake is the future of writers,” Han said in a TikTok. “And our ability to keep telling stories.”

This post will be updated with the trailer, release date, and additional plot details as more information on XO, Kitty Season 2 becomes available.

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