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Lana Condor's Boyfriend Hilariously Added Himself To A To All The Boys Scene

He's Team Peter all the way.

Young Hollywood/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case there was any question, To All the Boys: Always and Forever star Lana Condor’s boyfriend is Team Peter’s biggest supporter. Anthony de la Torre edited himself into a scene from the film to show how he feels about his love’s onscreen romance, and he’s clearly not threatened by her chemistry with Noah Centineo. While many people might assume those kissing scenes would bother him, the musician’s hilarious edit showed that they very much do not.

De la Torre made two versions of a scene in which Condor’s character, Lara Jean, cuddles with and kisses Peter (Centineo) on the couch. The first shows how people expect de la Torre to react; he watches disapprovingly, and then tries to smother the flames. In the second, though, we get his actual take, which is to root for LJ and Peter, just like the rest of us. He even goes so far as to put on some mood music for them: his latest duet with Condor, “Anyone Else But You.”

“What people think it’s like watching your gf make-out on screen VS. what it’s actually like,” de la Torre wrote before adding the hashtag “teampeter.” His creative editing and support earned Condor’s seal of approval, and she shared his post via her Instagram story. “You guys have to see what Anthony did,” she wrote, “dead.”

The clip is a perfect promotion of their latest song together. They released the music video for “Anyone Else But You” on Wednesday, Feb. 24, and it shows the two of them in scenes cute enough to rival any of Lara Jean and Peter’s. The lyrics are also sweet, with them singing that they don’t want anyone but each other.

Condor and de la Torre first teamed up musically more than a year ago, with their first musical collaboration, the single “Raining in London,” debuting on Feb. 19, 2020. As a couple, they’ve been together even longer, since they met in August 2015, as Condor told Cosmopolitan last year. She opened up at the time about how “hurtful” it was when To All the Boys fans discovered that she had a boyfriend and started harassing him online. Fortunately, de la Torre didn’t let the online hate keep him from joining the ranks of Team Peter or enthusiastically supporting Condor’s work.

The musician posted a beautiful message for his actor girlfriend on Feb. 13, the day Always and Forever debuted on Netflix, acknowledging her talent and hard work. “You deserve this and so much more,” he wrote in part. “You are the hardest worker in the room. Watching how much you’ve poured yourself into your work the last few years has inspired me more than you’ll ever know.”

And, like any true Peter Kavinsky stan, he made sure to include a note to Centineo as well. “Thank you to @ncentineo for being the perfect PK to Lanas LJ and for just being a good dude,” he added. “I’m so happy and grateful for you man.”