Yazmin From Too Hot To Handle Says She’s A “Full-Time Drama Queen”

Here’s everything to know about the new arrival.

Yazmin Marziali from 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5 on Netflix

Despite being a “little late” arriving on Too Hot to Handle Season 5, Yazmin Marziali said that everything was fair game. “Latinas are definitely the best flirts. To turn a guy on, all you have to do is say ‘ay papi,’ and they’ll melt,” the 25-year-old native of Montevideo, Uruguay, explained upon her arrival in Episode 4 of the Netflix reality dating competition. Brought on by Lana to test fellow cast member Isaac Francis’ romantic connection to his original partner, Courtney Randolph, the self-described “natural flirt” came to stir things up too.

“I definitely live for drama. I feel like if it’s not full of drama, it’s boring,” Yazmin admitted in her Too Hot to Handle intro. “So, better watch out ‘cause I’m coming in hot.”

As she competes to keep the $200,000 cash prize from dwindling by avoiding all physical intimacy with the other “hot singles” in the cast, here’s everything else to know about Yazmin.

Yazmin’s Instagram & TikTok

In her Instagram bio, Yazmin writes that she’s a “part time party girl, and a full time drama queen.” Now living in Toronto, she only has solo photos on Instagram, geotagging a range of locations, from Los Angeles to Miami and Mexico. As of publication, the most recent post on her Instagram grid was from May when she wrote that she was “just getting started,” in the caption of a series of photos outside a Toronto bar. As of publication, she had more than 21,000 followers on the social media platform.

The Pisces, who loves sushi and dressing up for Halloween, also posted some breakup-themed captions in early 2021, though the circumstances for them are unclear. After writing in March “I just seen ur new girl yeah it boosts my self esteem,” she added in her next post, “would wish u the best but I already left,” two months later.

On TikTok, Yazmin often shares “get ready with me” videos, offering makeup tutorials and other beauty and fashion tips for dressing for various occasions, from a day party to Saturday night dinner and drinks with a girlfriend.

Yazmin’s Job

A self-described “Toronto bottle girl,” Yazmin also recently used TikTok to give her more than 11,000 followers (before Too Hot to Handle premiered on July 14), a “glimpse into what bottle service is like in Toronto.” In the caption of an early July 2023 “day in my life” video, she wrote, “Luckily this night was slower than usual so it was easier to vlog for you all.” Yazmin also earns commission through an Amazon storefront on which she shares her “everyday go to items” in makeup, hair, bedroom, and content creation categories.