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Everything You Should Know About Yellowstone Season 5

Even without an official renewal, the cast is already gearing up for more.

'Yellowstone' Season 5 would follow a ratings record for Paramount. Photo via Paramount

Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone Season 4. Now that another season of Yellowstone has come and gone, you’re probably already missing all the ranch drama and sweeping Montana views. Fortunately, it’s a good time to be a Yellowstone fan. You can finally catch the new Dutton family prequel spinoff, 1883, on Paramount+ right now — and there’s yet another spinoff, tentatively titled 6666, in the works at the streamer, per Deadline. But what about the Duttons proper? The flagship family you’ve been following over the course of four years now?

Technically, Yellowstone Season 5 hasn’t been given the green light yet. But a few clues point to the inevitable conclusion that, of course, there will be more Dutton family drama to come. For starters, the Yellowstone Season 4 finale just set a new viewership record for Paramount Network. As Deadline reports, 9.3 million viewers tuned into the Jan. 2 episode — 81% more than Season 3’s finale. So clearly, the show continues to catch on.

Another positive omen for Yellowstone Season 5? Rip Wheeler himself, aka Cole Hauser, pretty much confirmed that it’s a go. “See y’all in S5! Thank you again for being the best fans and the continued support,” he wrote in a Jan. 4 Instagram post. Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) echoed the message on her account, too.

So if you’re operating under the (very safe) assumption that another season is on the way, you may be wondering when you’ll get to see it. Here’s everything you should know about the Yellowstone Season 5 release date, cast, and additional details so far.

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast

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Violence is part of life on Yellowstone, so your favorite characters aren’t always guaranteed to stick around forever — but as for the Season 5 cast, it looks like most of the Duttons and Dutton-adjacents from Season 4 will be back. Of course, Jimmy and Emily (Jefferson White and Kathryn Kelly, respectively) are Four Sixes-bound, so they may not be part of Yellowstone Season 5. There’s that 6666 spinoff to look forward to, though!

One character who won’t be back on Yellowstone, or any of its spinoffs — at least, not alive — is Garrett Randall (Will Patton). He was killed by his son, Jamie (Wes Bentley), in the finale after Beth blackmailed Jamie into the murder and then set him up for even more blackmail. Speaking of which...

Yellowstone Season 5 Plot

Though specifics about Yellowstone Season 5’s plot may be some time away, one thing’s for sure — the tense relationship between Jamie and Beth (and the rest of the Duttons, for that matter) will be a ready source of dramatic conflict.

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date And Trailer

If you’ve been watching Yellowstone from the start, you know that the Western drama usually airs every June — a formula that was only upended with Season 4 and its November premiere. As Deadline reported in 2020, production moved to exclusively shoot in Montana that year. That, coupled with industry-wide COVID precautions, could have caused the later debut.

But what does that mean for the Yellowstone Season 5 release date, or at least a glimpse at a trailer? Based on the timeline between Season 4’s filming and ultimate premiere, you can expect to see new episodes about a year after filming on Season 5 wraps. Of course, it hasn’t started yet — so don’t count on the show returning to its June routine anytime soon.

This post will be updated with the trailer, release date, and additional plot details as more information on Yellowstone Season 5 becomes available.