Everything We Know About YOU Season 3

Prepare to meet several new characters.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in 'YOU' via the Netflix press site
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Get ready to meet daddy Joe. Netflix renewed YOU for Season 3 in January 2020, and confirmed in February 2021 that the series will return to screen sometime in November 2021. An exact premiere date has not yet been announced, but from everything we know so far, the third season will be even knottier than the first two.

The last we saw of Joe (Penn Badgley), he’d moved to the suburbs with a pregnant Love (Victoria Pedretti), who not only knows who Joe really is but is a serial killer herself. In the final moments of Season 2, however, Joe found a new woman to fixate on: his neighbor Natalie (set to be played by Michaela McManus). She’s described as a professionally and socially successful woman married to a powerful man — but one who leads a secret life that piques Joe’s interest.

Knowing what Love is capable of, she won’t take kindly to his wandering eye. “Joe is still Joe” in Season 3, YOU showrunner Sera Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2019. "It seems clear that he's falling into some version of [his] same pattern ... [and] I can say things won't go well for [him]."

The first two seasons of the show were based on the YOU book series by Caroline Kepenes, the third installment of which hit shelves earlier this year. But though Kepnes shared an early draft of the book with the show’s team, the third season will take some liberties. “The minute that Love in the show became a killer, I think that also changes things a lot,” Kepnes told The Hollywood Reporter of the differences between the TV and book series. However, she added that there will still be some overlap: “You’re going to see Joe living in a place similar to where he lived in the book,” a “small community in the Pacific Northwest with a low crime rate.”

While he’s there “he volunteers in a local library,” and some of the new characters are his fellow librarians. Which brings us to...

The YOU Season 3 Cast

Aside from Natalie — whose face we didn’t see in Season 2 — there are a number of other new characters joining the cast.

Shalita Grant (NCIS: New Orleans) and Travis Van Winkle Will Play Sherry and Cary

A couple who keeps a close eye on Joe and Love, Sherry is a mean girl “mom-fluencer” who pretends to accept Love into her circle of friends while Cary is a wealthy guy who tries to buddy up with Joe.

Scott Speedman (Animal Kingdom) Will Play Matthew

Per Deadline, Matthew is “a successful CEO, husband, and uncommunicative father” who (shocker!) has a reserved, mysterious side. Maybe he’s Natalie’s husband?

Dylan Arnold (Nashville) Will Play Theo

Dylan is described as a wise but troubled college student who has a complicated relationship with his stepfather. He’s also prone to substance misuse and risky behavior.

Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) Will Play Marienne

Marienne is described as a “smart, no-nonsense librarian who doesn’t let much get by her.” She’s the proverbial neighborhood watchdog, but is hiding something that’s keeping her and her young child from living life to the fullest.

Ben Mehl (The Good Wife) Will Play Dante

Dante is a relaxed librarian and family man who lost his eyesight while serving in the military.

Shannon Chan-Kent (Another Life) and Christopher Sean (Hawaii 5-0) Will Play Kiki and Brandon

Kiki is a loyal member of Sherry’s mean mom group and a life coach who’s very into fitness classes, while her husband Brandon is a stay-at-home dad who made billions in the tech industry in his early 20s.

Chris O'Shea (Madam Secretary) and Bryan Safi (Desperados) Will Play Andrew and Jackson

A gossip-loving stay-at-home dad, Andrew is a crucial part of Sherry’s inner circle. His husband, Jackson, has a fancy job as a tech attorney.

Mackenzie Astin (Homeland) Will Play Gil

Mackenzie is a subdued geology professor whose “genuinely good-hearted” demeanor is sometimes perceived by others as disconnected or naive.

Ayelet Zurer (Daredevil) Will Play Dr. Chandra

Dr. Chandra is an experienced couple’s therapist who always gets to the bottom of her clients’ deepest issues.

Jack Fisher (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) Will Play a Young Joe

Which means we’ll see more dark flashbacks to Joe’s childhood.

The YOU Season 3 Trailer

An official trailer has not yet been released, but the trailer for Season 2 dropped about three weeks before the show premiered, so we’ll likely get a glimpse sometime this October. In the meantime, hang on to what co-creator Sera Gamble teased in her tweets about the show’s final day of shooting: “The episodes are f*cking bonkers and the performances are insanely good.”

Additonal reporting by Rebecca Patton and Zosha Millman.

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