10 Products You Can Buy To Piss Off Trump

In an age of extremely fake news and very real witch hunts, there are a lot of people who are anti-Trump. As in, Donald J. Trump — purveyor of taste and the iconic orange shade that suspiciously resembles America's beloved cheese puff. Believe it or not, there is actually something more groundbreaking for spring than florals: anti-Trump products, beauty and fashion edition.

Yes, they are real — and they promote a greater good. From lipsticks that defy the patriarchy to witty tees that play on Trump insults, there are plenty of ways to get your retail therapy fix while asserting your voice in today's political climate. With countless businesses (and many by female entrepreneurs) pledging to donate its sales to organizations and charitable causes, there's no excuse in sitting this shopping jaunt out.

It's one thing to brand yourself as anti-Trump, but it's quite another to wear the mission loud and proud. Time to rev up those shopping carts and make an outrageously bold statement, Trump-style.

1. "F*ck Trump" Liquid Lipstick

"F*ck Trump" Pink Matte Liquid Lipstick, $20, LipSlut

Fighting patriarchy, one pucker at a time. Founded by college junior Katie Sones, Lipslut is the self-proclaimed "fashion, subversion and middle finger to the current sociopolitical climate". Fortunately, your smooches can now pack a powerful punch too. "F*ck Trump" — Lipslut's statement liquid lipstick — is a mid-tone nude pink with a soft matte finish. Plus, 50 percent of earnings will be donated a women's charity chosen by popular vote.

2. "The Future Is Female" T-Shirt

The Future Is Female T-Shirt, $30, Other Wild

Meet the four words that have captured the streets — and social media — by storm. The original "The Future Is Female" tee was conceived back in 1972 for Labyris Books, New York City's first women's bookstore. Since then, the slogan has made a comeback as a symbol of fluid gender expression and an end to patriarchal ideology. Bonus: 25 percent of all t-shirt sale proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood.

3. "NASTY" Bracelet

"NASTY" Bracelet, $38, Stella and Bow

Jewels for justice, anyone? From Stella and Bow comes the "NASTY" — a 14kt gold-filled bracelet with plated letter beads and fresh water pearls. Wrists up, because 100 percent of proceeds go towards Planned Parenthood.

4. "La Futura" T-Shirt

"La Futura" Women's Tee, $30, This is DYNASTY

File under: more feminist tees to add to your wardrobe, ASAP. This Is DYNASTY — a platform for progressive resistance — dropped its line of "La Futura" tees in the name of equality and equal opportunity for all. As the product description cleverly puts it: Spanish grammar may say "future" is a masculine word, but that doesn't make it true. Think la futura — not el. DYNASTY also donates its proceeds to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which preaches tolerance and fights hate.

5. "You're Disgusting" Crop Tee

"You're Disgusting" Crop Tee, $23.80, Kidd Bell

Ah, disgustingan ancient Trump proverb. Truth be told, "disgusting" is like the G-rated/middle school playground bully of Trump insults, but as a crafty cropped tee? Count me in. All shirt proceeds are donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights — it's a win win situation.

6. "Cats Against Catcalls" Tote

"Cats Against Catcalls" Tote Bag, $25, Feminist Apparel

An aww-inducing tote that combats against the problematic catcall plague? Um, yes please. Artist Kylee Jo, whose work is devoted to gender and LGTBQ issues, developed this design with her own cat, Gee, in mind (PS: he's the brown angel on the left).

7. "Pantsuit Pink" Lipstick

"Pantsuit Pink" Lipstick, $24, Beautiful Rights

Hello, beauty/feminism jackpot. This isn't your ordinary makeup line — Beautiful Rights was created to empower, inspire and challenge the status quo. The "Pantsuit Pink" lippie is the ultimate power shade — a creamy rose hue that will seal the deal from coffee meetings to cocktail hour. What are you waiting for? 20 percent of Beautiful Rights sales are donated to women-friendly organizations such as ACLU, Planned Parenthood and EMILY's List.

8. Solidarity Balm

Solidarity Balm, $6, L'occitane

Buy a balm, contribute to the emancipation of women in Burkina Faso. 100 percent of sale profits will help fund the L'OCCITANE pour Elles program to support female entrepreneurship. Oh, and did I mention rose-scented lips that feel like a dream?

9. "Make America Nasty Again" Baseball Cap

"Make America Nasty Again" Baseball Cap, $25, Etsy

Retiliating against Trump using his own weapon — simply genius. I mean, haven't you heard? MAGA is so last year. Now, it's all about the nasty business.

10. Anti-Trump Scented Candle

Anti-Trump Trump Scented Candle, $18, Etsy

Yes, it exists. And yes, no American household is complete without it. An enticing cocktail of suntan lotion and steak fragrance, this candle is truly a feast for the senses.

What terrible, terrible products to indulge in.