How To Properly Use Pore Strips On Your Forehead

by Miki Hayes
woman applying facial cream to her cheeks
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As far as I'm concerned, pore strips are one of the greatest beauty inventions of all time. With proper use, they're essentially a vacuum for your nose. But can you use them on other clogged parts of your face? Like, say, your forehead? And even if you can, should you use pore strips on your forehead? Well, it depends. As an avid pore-strip user, let me just say that there are a couple of things to consider before plastering your whole face.

The first is the shape of your pore strip. Because most pore strips are made to fit the contour of a nose, the shape tends to not be the best for application to other parts of your face, like the chin or forehead. It just may not stick as well as it should, and it may also cover too much area. So if you want to tackle clogged pores on your forehead, there are a few options: You could DIY a pore strip (although be careful which recipe you follow), you could cut a nose strip into smaller pieces, or you could find strips made specifically for the forehead (more on those below). But before you apply one, there's one more obstacle of sorts you'll want to address.

If you think nose strips can be painful, I've found that pulling a strip from your forehead can be even worse. And that's because of those baby hairs. Most people's foreheads tend to have more fuzz than their noses, and those hairs can be easily ripped out when removing a pore strip. Because of this, there's more of that bandage ouch-factor for pore strips being used on the forehead compared to the nose.

Another reason to be wary of pore strips is if you have sensitive skin, as they can cause irritation. If you're worried how your skin will react to one, try cutting off a small piece of a pore strip and testing it before using a whole strip. This way, you can have an idea of what applying one to your forehead might feel like. If you're unsure what the best type of blackhead extractor is for you though, here are a few ways to try the magic of a pore strip on your forehead.

1. Biore

Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 24 Count, $10, Amazon

Pore strips made specifically for your forehead do exist. But if you're unhappy with the size and shape, or want to use a nose strip instead, simply cut the pore strip into your desired shape.

2. Boscia

Luminizing Black Mask, $68, Amazon

If you have a more complex zone that you want to target, another option is a peel-off mask. One that is meant to extract clogged pores like a strip would is perfect for more delicate areas like around your eyebrows or hairline, or targeting multiple areas on your forehead at once.

3. DIY


If you want to try making your own pore strip to banish blackheads from your forehead, try this YouTube favorite DIY: Separate egg whites (or buy some pre-separated) before soaking a piece of two-ply toilet paper in the egg whites. Then all you have to do is apply this sheet mask of sorts onto the area you want to treat, wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to dry, and then gently peel it off.

And honestly, being able to physically pull out blackheads from your forehead or nose is one of the most satisfying feelings.

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