You Have To See Laverne Cox's Makeup-Free Selfie

by May Sofi

Were used to seeing celebs all dolled up on the red carpet, so it's quite refreshing to see them ditch the glam squad from time to time and flaunt their natural beauty. Laverne Cox went makeup-free on social media recently, and she looks just as stunning as she does with her usual glamorous style.

It's no secret that the 32-year-old is fond of all things beauty and fashion. She consistently slays it on the red carpet, and often plays up her hair and makeup looks into the most fun styles. So when she totally stripped down on Thursday, it made the post that much more special.

The actress shared the selfie on Instagram, and not only was she not wearing even a drop of makeup, she wasn't wearing her signature wig, either. In the caption she discusses her affinity for wigs, describing them as "one of the great joys of my life," but she also talks about how much she loves rocking her natural hair. "It's about choices and options," she writes. The picture is pretty powerful on its own, but the message that comes with it carries so much more meaning.

Cox seems to be a fan of the au naturel look, because this isn't the first time she ditched makeup.

She sports her natural look on Instagram pretty often, actually, and I find it super empowering.

If I looked this good without makeup, I'd never wear it again.

I'm all for the #NoMakeup selfie, so keep them coming, Laverne.