25 Random Gold Items At Target You Won't Be Able To Resist Buying

Do you remember where you were when you realized it was suddenly very cool for everything to be gold? I was standing in the familiar, sacred place that is the home goods aisle of Target when it first hit me. Suddenly, everywhere I looked, there was gold. That lamp? Gold. That tape dispenser that looks like a pug? Gold. Those light-up letters that people always rearrange on the shelves to spell things like "POOP" and "LOLZ"? Gold, gold, gold, gold. I was a little alarmed by the shininess of it all at first, but that feeling passed quickly as it was replaced by another. That new sensation that was growing inside me was the realization of something that I felt like I should have known about myself forever: everything I own should be gold, too. And so, I bought the gold letters. The pug. A coffee table. A phone case. A spatula. A weird piece of glittery wall art that said something nonsensical like, "Live, Laugh, Coffee, Mermaid." I was invested.

And it seemed like just as soon as I caught on to the gold obsession, the rest of the world had, too. Internet banner ads for gold mirrors and side tables followed me around the web. The universe (and Instagram, for that matter) had discovered that pretty much everything comes in gold, and we were all running with it. Through the past three or four years, this love of gold has stuck around. Sure, marble gave gold a good run for its money for a while there, but once we all learned that we could combine gold and marble, that battle was moot. And thus a whole new group of gold products was born (I bought all of those, too). Whether you're into gold, gold with marble, or gold's newest popular variation, rose gold, there is something for you at Target. Here are 25 gold and gold-adjacent items you definitely will not be able to resist buying.

Gold Wire Bin

Decorative Gold Wire Bin, $20, Target

I know what you're thinking: But I don't need a gold wire bin. Well, reader, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. You own things, right? Non-gold things? Cool. Well, now you have something to put the things in. Great. Settled.

Gold End Table

Marlston Gold End Table, $85, Target

Everyone needs a gold end table. It's a necessity.

Two-Sided Gold Mirror

Two-Sided Gold Mirror, $30, Target

This looks damn good on a desk. And, dare I say, it would look good on a gold desk, too.

Rectangle Bench With Gold Legs

Rectangle Bench With Gold Legs, $64, Target

This is the comfiest, most chic place to take your shoes off after a long day of work or drink your coffee.

Gold & Marble Tray

Gold & Marble Tray, $23, Target

Just think of the 'grams.

Gold & Wood Bar Cart

Wood Metal, Wood, & Leather Bar Cart, $120, Target

Again, the 'grams. The. 'Grams.

Gold Plant Holder

Elevated Gold Plant Holder, $28, Target

Have you ever seen a better looking plant in your whole life? I think not.

Rose Gold Floor Lamp

Rose Gold Lamp, $60, Target

It's like they say: Let there be rose gold!

Gold Fork

Graham Dinner Fork, $2, Target

Everyone needs a fork. Everyone has a fork. But... do they have one in gold?

Gold Paper Towel Holder

Gold-Plated Towel Holder, $10, Target

No need to let your paper towels just hang out anywhere in your kitchen when they can be positioned on this handy kitchen tool.

Mixing Bowls

Gold Mixing Bowls, $25, Target

Because at the end of the day, what we all really need is an excuse to bake cookies on Instagram Stories more often.

Small Cake Stand

Gold Small Cake Stand, $12, Target

A small cake stand! For your small cakes!

Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Table Lamp, $28, Target

Because not all gold things can be as practical as a fork.

Smiling Planter

Gold Lady Planter, $20, Target

I mean, how cute is this? Irresistible.

Gold Oil Diffuser

Titan Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, $40, Target

Gold and useful.

Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Rose Gold Eyelash Curler, $4, Target

Not going to lie, I own this and can confirm it was a good purchase.

Book Ends

A to Z Bookends, $44, Target

Ah, there are those letters.

Gold Drawer Set

Desktop Storage Organizer, $25, Target

Get organized! Look great while doing so!

Rose Gold Chair

Rose Gold Carlisle High Back Chair, $80, Target

So shiny.

Rose Gold Tumbler

Titus Tumbler, $11, Target

Tumbler means glass... right?

Gold Display Box

Glass And Gold Display Box, $17, Target

Perfect for storing snacks or fancy things.

Gold Candle Holder

Clear & Mercury Candle Holder In Gold, $25, Target

Not all candles come in gold, so there is this.

Gold Turtle Paper Clip Holder

Gold Turtle Paperclip Holder, $15, Target

For all those paper clips you're always wondering what to do with.

Gold Pencil Cup

Wire Pencil Cup, $7, Target

Stop keeping your pens and pencils shoved in a drawer somewhere and use this.

This only scrapes the surface in terms of what Target is selling, but... it should be a good start.