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15 Times Kristen Stewart Dressed Exactly Like Princess Diana

Ahead of her new movie Spencer.

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9 Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana Matching Moments Ahead Of 'Spencer'
Spencer/Shoebox Films. Getty Images.

Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana portrayal on the big screen is imminent as she'll soon be starring in “Spencer.” The movie will focus on a singular weekend in the early 1990s during which the Princess reportedly decided that her marriage to Prince Charles was no longer tenable. During that time, Princess Diana was at the height of her worldwide fashion idol-ship, so it’s a sure bet that the looks will be on point throughout the film.

Though Stewart is decidedly more edgy on the daily than the late royal, there are many times that the pair inadvertently wore twinning outfits. While Stewart’s penchant may often be for vintage denim, leather jackets, and sleek black trousers, she’s long since been the face of Chanel, which has offered her a wide array of classic suiting inspiration to mix into her everyday style. And she's done just that, with everything from tweed miniskirts to longline black blazers in her arsenal. And, as such, Stewart is following in Princess Diana’s sartorial footsteps, proving just how relevant the late royal’s style remains.

Ahead, find every time that Kristen Stewart and Princess Diana twinned, proving that they are a style match made in heaven.


Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In Matching Plaid (Plus An Engagement Ring)

Spencer/Shoebox Films. Getty Images.

Spencer released their latest glimpse of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, but this time the actress is wearing a plaid jacket and white turtleneck. While fans praised the similarities in their wardrobes, they had strong and diverse opinions about the replica of Princess Diana’s engagement ring.


Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In A Netted Hat

Spencer/Shoebox Films. Getty Images.

The movie Spencer unveiled a first look as Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana and she looks exactly like the late royal, wearing her signature black netted headpiece.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Strapless Black Dresses

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At the 2010 Met Gala, Stewart chose a strapless black mini dress with mesh skirting that gave a nod to Princess Diana’s little black off-the-shoulder mini dress from a 1994 Vanity Fair party.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Skirt Suiting

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Stewart chose a bright white tweed mini skirt and blazer set from Chanel for an event with the fashion house in 2019. It was reminiscent of a pale blue skirt set that Princess Diana slipped into in 1997.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Suits

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Both ladies have been known to borrow from the boys when it comes to suiting, as Stewart chose a black blazer, white button-down shirt, and black mini skirt for a screening in 2012. Similarly, Diana donned a similar look in 1997.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana Colorblocking

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To make a statement that turns heads but isn’t over-the-top, both women have opted for cobalt and black color blocking; Stewart on The Tonight Show in 2011, and Diana in Venice in 1985.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Jeans & A Sweatshirt

Getty Images

The pair does casual wear like a pro, opting for the classic denim-and-sweatshirt look. Stewart slipped into the off-duty wares in 2019 in Spain, while Diana iconically slipped into her jeans and blazer in 1988.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Long Red Gowns

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For a va va voom moment, Stewart chose a long red gown with a down-to-there neckline for Cannes in 2012. Similarly, Diana wore an off-the-shoulder version in 1992 at the premiere of Just Like A Woman.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Little White Dresses

Getty Images

Both Stewart and Princess Diana know the power of a little black dress, as evidenced above. Stewart chose a tweed number for the Chanel Haute Couture show in 2015, while Diana slipped into her white tank mini in Italy in 1995.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Blue & White Stripes

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K-Stew and Princess Di understand the timeless elegance of blue and white stripes. It’s a classic pattern that works no matter the occasion. Diana wore her stripes on a 1988 trip to Australia, while Stewart wore hers for the 2008 premiere of Twilight in Paris.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Blue Dresses

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Understated blue column gowns deliver major glamour, so it’s no surprise that Diana opted to wear one to a film premiere in London. Stewart followed her lead but went for more sparkle and drama with a thigh-high slit at the Twilight premiere in L.A.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Yellow Blazers

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Diana went for bold yellow at a charity concert in London with oversized pearl accessories. As for Stewart, she took a more casual approach with a boyfriend-fit blazer that she wore off the shoulders at a dinner in Beverly Hills.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Chanel Jackets

Getty Images

As a longtime muse of the French fashion house, Stewart is regularly spotted in custom Chanel ensembles. But the classic tweed jacket remains as iconic as ever, and Diana regularly wore them for her royal duties.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Gold Gowns

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When you want to go glam, gold will get the job done. Stewart stepped out in a glitzy gold dress at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards, and Diana chose a similar frock for a ballet performance while in London.


Kristen Stewart & Princess Diana In Pink Button Down Tops

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Paging Elle Woods! Both women have tried their own interpretations of the ultra feminine pink button-down top. Princess Diana wore one in Argentina, while Stewart went the cardigan route for a 2019 dinner in LA.

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