The 10 Best No-Show Socks For Women That Won't Give You Blisters

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If you've ever encountered a low-profile shoe that causes blisters, then you know: a pair of no-show socks can be a game-changer. The best no-show socks for women come in a range of styles, but all are designed with sleek silhouettes that comfortably stay put on your feet, which helps to prevent pesky, painful blisters. Additionanlly, some socks are made with breathable and moisture-wicking materials that can absorb sweat, cutting down on chafing and keeping your shoes smelling fresh much longer.

Whether you're looking for a pair of invisible socks for sneakers, or a thin, low-profile liner that is barely there, you'll find a lot of no-show socks that reviewers swear by. So, as you peruse the options, consider which shoes you're going to wear them with. There are plenty of no-show sheer socks that can work with nearly any shoe, but you might want to opt for a thicker, blister-proof sock that won't show if you plan on working out in them. But, if you're particularly prone to blisters, you'll find the best no-show socks that don't hurt your feet will actually be a low-cut design, lower profile than an ankle sock but not quite invisible.

As with any shoe liner or hidden sock, you won't regret choosing a sock with a silicone grip in the back to hold it in place in your shoe throughout the day. Socks that slide down are bound to make you feel uncomfortable, even if you're rocking your favorite kicks.

Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll find it here. Keep scrolling, the best no-show socks for women are gathered below.

1. Eedor Thin No-Show Socks (8-Pack)

These wildly-popular no-show socks are made of cotton and spandex, so they're breathable and stay in place in your shoe throughout the day. The silicone grips on the heel will keep them from sliding down, and these low-profile socks work well with flats, sneakers, and boots. They're definitely on the thinner side, so you might want a different pair if you're looking for a sock you can work out in. But, for just $17 you can get eight socks (four pairs) — a great deal. Thousands of Amazon reviewers sing their praises.

What fans say: "I always thought I'd get blisters wearing shoes with no-show socks. But I bought a couple of different kinds on Amazon to try them out. This brand worked great - it's truly no-show, no sock peeping up out of my shoes. And there's enough coverage that I haven't experienced any blisters or uncomfortable rubbing."

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 5-10)

2. SmartWallStation No-Show Deodorant Sock (10-Pack)

The makers of these no-show socks are so confident they won't slip off your heel that if that does happen you can request a refund. Unlike a lot of other socks, these are made with breathable bamboo fibers, which wick moisture, are antibacterial, and prevent odors. The large silicone grip keeps them from moving off your feet and causing blisters as you walk. This colorful pack of 10 pairs has won over hundreds of Amazon fans.

What fans say: "These no-show socks are so amazing and so affordable! I love the material, the colors and that they don’t slip."

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 5-12)

3. Thirty48 No-Show Loafer Socks (3-Pack)

The true test of whether a sock vanishes under your shoe is whether it's a no-show sock that can be concealed under a pair of loafers. These cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra socks are all that and then some: They feature a silicone grip on the heel to keep them in place and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet cool and sweat-free. Nearly 4,000 Amazon reviewers are in agreement.

What fans say: "FINALLY! A no show sock that actually stays put! After wearing in my loafers all day, I kicked off my shoes and put my feet up and these sock STILL didn't move! Ordering more now!"

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 6-9)

4. Adidas Women's Superlite No-Show Socks (6-Pack)

With ClimaLite technology to keep feet cool and dry, these no-show socks are a favorite amongst athletes and Adidas fans alike. Not only do they come in a bunch of different colors and styles, but they never slip and strike the perfect balance between breathability and protection — meaning your feet won't overheat or blister in these. Best yet, they have arch support for extra comfort in any shoe. While these aren't the lowest profile sock on this list, they won't show in most shoes that stop at your ankle.

What fans say: "These are definitely worth the purchase! Stay put on, heel doesn't slide off. Keep feet dry. Recommend this product!"

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 5-10)

5. Tipi Toe No-Show Athletic Socks (6-Pack)

These colorful no-show socks have a cushioned sole for comfort, are designed with a super stretchy material, and won't slip off your feet. Reviewers love the affordable price (six pairs for $10), the color and design options, and how durable these are. While these socks are a bit closer to a low-cut style than a no-show design, they wear well with sneakers and are made with a durable cotton blend that's perfect for working out.

What fans say: "I love these socks! They have perfect amount of cushion without being bulky. I always have a hard time finding the balance. I think I have a new favorite sock! Good for every day and working out!"

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 6-10)

6. Under Armour Women's Essential Twist No-Show Socks (6-Pack)

Under Armour is one of the most trusted athletic apparel brands, so it stands to reason that their no-show socks would feature their famed ArmourBlock technology; this technology helps to wick away moisture and keep your feet free from odors. They also have a seamless toe for a more comfortable fit, and conform to the foot with dynamic arch support that keeps feet from experiencing unnecessary aches and pains. This six-pack of socks is a fantastic purchase, and is a great thickness for working out or casual wear.

What fans say: "I love these socks! They are great quality and don’t slip! I like thin feeling no show socks without feeling cheap and these are perfect!"

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Women's Size 6-9)

7. Vero Monte No-Show Athletic Socks (4-Pack)

If super low-cut socks annoy you or you need a sturdier pair for summer sports, these no-show socks are perfect: They're designed for summer sports and outings like camping, hiking, running, and tennis, and have no-slip silicone grips and an enhanced cuff. They're also made from 85% cotton and are breathable and moisture-wicking, to prevent unpleasant foot odors. You can get them in a few different neutral colors, including grey, black, and nude.

What fans say: "I have been searching for a good pair of no-show socks for quite a while now, but my search is over. I have tried countless brands, all claiming to be non-slip or even the best, but these are the true champion. They're soft, they fit well, they're super comfortable and they don't slip around. I'm up and down all day, and I never have to adjust these socks."

  • Sizes Available: Women's Sizes 5.5-11

8. OSABASA Women's Casual No-Show Socks (3-Pack)

These comfy boat line no-show socks will protect your feet from blisters and make it look like you aren't wearing anything underneath your shoes. They come in 12 different shades and are designed with silicone anti-slip heel grip. And for just $10, you can get three pairs of these no-show socks, truly a steal. They're made with a fabric blend that's primarily cotton, so these will be breathable and soft to the touch, without losing their shape over time.

What fans say: "These socks are soft, just thick enough to protect from blisters, and have plenty of grip. They do not show with tennis shoes."

  • Sizes Available: Women's Size 5-13

9. HUE No-Show Socks

When you only need a no-show sock that will cover your toes and the balls of your feet, these come to your rescue with a clear elastic band that slides over your heel and silicone patches that prevent slipping. This pair comes in nude and black so that they truly vanish beneath shoes. One important note: Since these don't have material protecting your heel (the strap holds the front of the sock in place), these are not the best pair if you are strictly looking for blister protection.

What fans say: "These were pleasantly soft and comfortable. The straps weren’t too rough on my skin or did not cause blisters. I’ve worn similar brands in the past for work and these were more comfortable. So far I haven’t had any issues with the strap breaking or holes forming."

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only

10. Balega Ultralight No-Show Athletic Running Socks

These lightweight no-show socks come in unisex sizes and are a favorite amongst runners and athletes. The cushioned heel is reinforced so it won't slip or move at all, even during the toughest workouts. And, Amazon reviewers won't stop raving about their arch support. While $14 for a single pair of socks might seem a bit much, fans say these socks will change your life. These come in more than 20 colors (both vibrant and neutral), so you can match perfectly to your style.

What fans say: "[...] these are indeed magical. I don't know how to describe them other than "silky," but that's the sensation you get with them, and it is pretty great. But beware, this is a gateway sock, and in all likelihood you will soon need another 6 pair for the rest of the days of the week."

  • Sizes Available: Small - X-Large

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