10 Tights For Tall Women That Won't Slip Down

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The phrase "good things come in small packages" is certainly applicable if we're talking about babies, children, and individually wrapped Swiss chocolates. But there are times when smaller isn't sweeter and when the famous saying is nothing short of maddening. Imagine you're shopping for tights for tall women that won't slip down past your knees before the end of your morning commute — in that case, although they may come in small packages, all tights are most definitely not created equal.

Whether your legs are long, your torso is longer, or some combination of the two, it can be super tricky finding lengthy tights that fit perfectly. Search long enough and you will come across tights that don't rip, the perfect tights for big thighs, and even literary print tights to satisfy every fashion-loving bookworm. But if you're shopping for tights that won't force you to pull them so hard you create holes in the feet — tights that won't leave you with a gaping droop in crotch because they can't be pulled higher than your pelvic bone — well, you're going to need a lot of luck because those are quite the challenge to find.

But all hope is not lost: these 10 pairs of tights for tall women won't slip down. Because if there's one thing no one should have to do, its hide in the corner of a crowded train to strategically lift tights up over your clothes without anyone catching you.


A Classic 2-Pack Of Opaque Tights In 10 Colors

You can't always trust a label when it comes to their sizing chart. What you can trust? Plenty of reviewers over 6 feet tall, saying these tights fit them well and stay in place all day. This pair has a waistband that will keep these tights from slipping down throughout the day. This pack of two tights comes in a bunch of colors, including different-colored packs that you can pick up to mix up your wardrobe.

According to one reviewer: "I am 6 feet tall and have a horrible time finding tight that are really long enough for me the crotch is usually two low by the second hour of wearing. These are great."

  • Available in sizes: Small - XX-Large


These Blackout Tights That Have A Touch Of Stretch

These tights are designed with 80-denier fabric that's tightly woven and opaque for coverage and a durable construction. They're also designed with 8% spandex for enough stretch to move with you. Best of all, many reviewers say these tights seem designed for taller women.

According to one reviewer: "Excellent for the price! I'm tall and large, the 3-4x were great! Not extremely strong but definitely stronger than expected.I'm happy and will definitely order again!"

  • Available in sizes: 1X - 4X


Warm Tights Made With Fleece-Lined Fabric

Available in a specifically-designed tall size, these tights are especially cozy. They're made with a fleece lining that'll keep you warm in the cold weather. These are made with a 70-denier fabric that's a bit more sheer than the pair directly above, but overall offers an opaque look. These come in four different colors and a range of sizes, including one for petites as well.

According to one reviewer: "I'm so impressed with these tights! I am 6 feet tall and really struggle to find tights. If I find them, they are never opaque enough since there are so stretched. These are very opaque, very comfortable, and don't slide at all. I can't recommend these highly enough!

  • Available in sizes: Medium - 4X, Petite and Tall


Footless Tights That Are Soft & Moisture-Wicking

These footless tights couldn't be easier to slip on and off, and they're made of a spandex blend that's less prone to tearing, moisture-wicking, and are relatively opaque (if you go with the sizing chart). Hanes' signature "glide wear" technology makes them comfortable to put on and off, and these have earned over 1,200 Amazon reviews and a 4.3-star overall rating.

According to one reviewer: "TONS of stretch to these, so my tall people don't have to worry about whether they will cover the entire length of your legs. They're pretty opaque, but they're still hose, so a little sheer."

  • Available in sizes: 1X - 4X


A Popular Pair Of Tights In 26 Different Colors

These tights offer one of the widest color ranges of any pair on this list, available in colors from lavender to fuchsia to royal blue. But best of all, tall women swear by these tights saying that they fit well without slipping down, thanks to their elastic waistband. You can even upgrade this pair to a multi-colored pack so you can wear different colors on different days.

According to one reviewer: "I always hate ordering these because I am so tall and the crotch always seems to hang low. But this fit perfectly and were not too sheer."

  • Available in sizes: X-Small - X-Large


Blackout Tights With Moisture-Wicking Properties

These opaque blackout tights are designed with cool comfort technology that is designed to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable all day long. They're designed with plenty of spandex to prevent tearing or runs, and have won over more than 1,000 Amazon fans.

According to one reviewer: "Fantastic! Finally something that is long enough for my height(almost 6ft) but roomy enough... I have an active job that requires a lot of moving, bending, and flexibility, and these stayed perfectly in place all day."

  • Available in sizes: 1X - 4X


This 2-Pack Of Run-Resistant Tights That Have 6,000 Reviews

These tights are a favorite amongst tall women, who love that they're nearly opaque, don't slip down, and are machine-washable. They have spandex built into the waistband to hold them in place and keep them from falling down and they have a high-waisted fit that is comfortable throughout the day. This two-pack comes in a range of neutral and bright colors.

According to one reviewer: "I have a very hard time with stockings & pantyhose due to my height, so I was overjoyed that these were long enough! ... The quality of the material is really nice too! I would definitely recommend these!"

  • Available in sizes: X-Small - X-Large


This 2-Pack Of Soft Microfiber Tights Available In Fun Colors

These plus-size miicrofiber tights are designed with four-way stretch, making them comfortable and less prone to runs or tearing with repeated wear. These are designed with a 60-denier fabric that's opaque, though less opaque than other options on this list. These are available in the black two-pack pictured above, as well as a range of colors from green to orange to bright red.

According to one reviewer: "This is my holy grail of tights. I am 6’2 and plus size. Tights are hard to find, I ordered up a few sizes in these and next time I will order up one size. They are fully opaque! If you are tall these are the tights for you."

  • Available in sizes: 0 - 8 (see sizing chart for more details)


A 6-Pack Of Uniquely-Designed Fishnet Stockings

You'll get six unique pairs of fishnet stockings when you order this packet, which comes in extended sizes like 1x-2x and 3x-4x to fit a variety of body shapes — petite and tall (size 1x-2x is suitable for 5'2" to 6'2" and 150-225 pounds). Reviewers say the quality of this fishnet material is outstanding and that they can pull up over the waist without a problem. Ultimately these offer a great fit and have a lower risk of ripping than many other patterned tights thanks to their spandex blend.

According to one reviewer: "I LOVE these tights, I just wish they came in other colors. But well worth it. I get constant compliments about them. These fit me very well, it's kind of hard to find tights like these in my size (I am 6 feet tall), usually they are too small and don't fit as they should."

  • Available in sizes: Small - 4X


Sheer Tights That Can Be Worn Footed Or Footless

These genius tights can be worn in a footed or footless style for maximum customizability. How that works: A small hole in the ball of the foot allows you to poke your foot through if you want to wear them in the footless style. Prefer wearing them footed? These fit snugly over your foot so you don't have to worry about them slipping. These tights come in a bunch of sheer shades, are moisture-wicking, and have an elastic band that'll keep them in place for long periods of time. Even better, tall women rave that these are a great fit.

According to one reviewer: "I love the freedom these tights provide, they can become leggings with a simple adjustment if you have to go barefoot. I am tall and all leg and these fit me very well. It is rare to find tights that are long enough for my legs."

  • Available in sizes: Small - XX-Large

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