The 7 Best Hangers For Pants On Amazon

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by Emily Estep
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You invest time and money into your pants so, naturally, you want to store them in a manner that keeps them easily accessible and safe from wrinkles and creasing. With the best hangers for pants, you can keep all of your trousers, jeans, skirts, and various other bottoms comfortably in a closet, utilizing your space as efficiently as possible.

In order to choose the right hangers, start by considering exactly how many pairs of pants you're looking to hang and how much space you have. There are many sets of individual hangers available for wardrobes that only hold a few pairs of pants, and there are also space-saving hangers designed to stack four or five pairs in the amount of space that would typically only be occupied by one. There are even hangers that prevent heavy or slip-prone pants from falling to the ground.

And if you just don't have enough closet space — or a closet at all — you could look into a pants hanger cart, which conveniently stores tons of pairs along with other articles of clothing, too.

In a hurry? These are the best hangers for pants:

1. Overall Best Pants Hangers: Zober Open Ended Pant Hangers

2. Extra-Study Space-Saving Hanger: DOIOWN Non Slip S-Shaped Pants Hangers

3. A Space-Saving Hanger Designed For Convenience: BILLKAQ Magic Pants Hanger

4. Best Cascading Pants Hangers: Zober Metal Skirt & Pants Hangers

5. Best Hangers For Dress Pants: Zober High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers With Clips

6. Pants Hangers You Can Use For Tops, Too: Home-it Clothes Hangers With Clips

7. Also Great: A Rolling Pants Trolley That'll Store Whatever Your Closet Can't: IdeaWorks Rolling Pants Trolley

Ready to organize your closet and never worry about wrinkled pants again? These hangers are ready to accommodate any wardrobe and any amount of storage space with room to spare.


The Overall Best Pant Hangers, All Things Considered

These pants hangers probably look nearly identical to the hangers you already have in your closet but sometimes the simplest design is the best design, and that is the case with these hangers. The open-ended design of these classic-looking hangers makes it quick and easy to hang and remove pants — no fussing with clips or complicated space-saving designs. They’re made of stainless steel so they won’t bend or lose their shape and the rubber non-slip coating will help prevent your pants from slipping off. You can buy them in packs of 20, 30, or 40 — and no matter which quantity you get, these offer the best bang for your buck.

All that being said, there are a few pitfalls with these hangers. First, while the rubber coating should help prevent your pants from slipping, it’s hardly the best anti-slip method. I’d also note, these hangers will leave a mid-thigh crease in your pants, and that while that is true of most pants hangers, there are hangers designed to reduce creasing. If either of those is deal-breakers for you, there are other great hangers on this list that solve those issues.

Helpful Amazon review: “I’m redoing all of the closets and needed a sturdy hanger for pants and slacks. So far this has been exactly what I needed. They’re surprisingly sturdy and strong. I put jeans on them and they don’t bend at all, and these hangers actually take up less space because the pants are held higher up than if you put them through the middle of a standard hanger. It saves me a lot of room in the closet and it’s really easy to take pants on and off of the hanger.”


An Extra-Sturdy Hanger That Holds 5 Pants

In the space of just one hanger, this S-shaped hanger can hold five pairs of pants or — according to reviewers — even more if you double, or even triple, them on each bar. Thanks to the thick stainless steel bar, reviewers say this hanger can withstand a lot of weight without bending, so feel free to pile on the pants. Buy them in packs of one, three, five, or ten, in your choice of a few different colors.

Despite being able to handle a large load, it should be noted that it might be a little tricky to hang up or remove pants (especially if you are going to be adding more than five pairs to your hanger). That being said, the friction of the pants laying against each other should prevent them from slipping off on their own. And again, because you’re hanging these pants on a rod, they will have a mid-thigh crease (which will be true of almost any hanger).

Helpful Amazon review: “This has got to be the most sturdy hanger system ever. Being an organization, neat freak, these hangers are the perfect solution to closet over- crowding. I was able to take 30 pairs of pants and put them in the amount of space 3- large winter coats were in. My over crowding, wrinkled clothes are now nice and neat and you can still what style of pants you have along with color matching. I love these and plan to buy more to redo my husbands closet as well.”


A Space-Saving Hanger With A Convenient Hanging System

Here is another great space-saving design but with a unique twist. The hook on each side allows you to transition the hanger from a vertical position to a horizontal position; the vertical position will save space in your closet, while the horizontal position makes it easy to add or remove pants from the hanger. The catch of course is that while it saves space in the vertical position, you’ll need to have enough space in your closet to use in the horizontal position when desired. In the vertical position, you shouldn’t have any issues with the pants slipping off the bar though, thanks to both the friction created between the pants. However, you will still have the classic issue of a mid-thigh crease since they’re hanging from a thin bar. On the plus side, the beechwood and stainless steel design is super sturdy, so you can feel confident it’ll last.

Helpful Amazon review: “Moved to a smaller place and was looking for pant hanger that can nicely organize my pants while saving some space for other things. Came across this product and it really fits what I was looking for. The structure is really sturdy while all racks are in use, and it's also very flexible depending on what [structure] fits your need. Besides it looks great with the metal/wood finish, would recommend this for people looking for a nice and simple pant hanger.”


The Best Cascading Hangers For Saving Space

This set of hangers from Zober can either be used as 10 separate units or be hung from each other to create a cascading hanger that saves space in your closet. They're made of chrome, with width-adjustable clips covered in black rubber to protect delicate fabrics. With these clips, you can either hang your pants by the waistband (which prevents any creasing) or by folding your pants in half and using the clips to pinch the fold but this method may cause some creasing. Overall, clips can be an effective way to keep pants from slipping off the hanger but depending on how heavy your pants are, how you hang them, and how vigorously you dig through your closet you may find that they’re not fail-proof. However, the sturdy metal construction means these hangers will last a long time.

Helpful Amazon review: “I used this product to [organize] my pants. I like how it saves space in your closet and allows you to see the top portion of each pair. I like how they link together and how easy it is to take out a pair from anywhere in the chain. It's well made, sturdy and durable.”


The Best Pants Hangers For Dress Pants

These hangers are designed to pinch your pants without leaving a mid-thigh crease (the way hanging them over a rod tends to do) while also helping to keep the “traveler’s crease” (the vertical crease down the middle of the pant leg) intact and looking sharp. To get the most benefit from these hangers, hang your pants by the leg, clasping the hanger just above the hem of the pants. If you choose to fold your pants in half when you hang them, be sure to clasp the hanger well below the fold to reduce mid-thigh creasing. In either case, thanks to the full-width grips and anti-slip felt the pants should stay flat and wrinkle-free. On the (potential) downside, due to the thicker wooden frame, they’re the opposite of “space-saving,” but the extra space between hangers will prevent your pants from rubbing against each other which helps protect delicate fabrics. Choose from a handful of finishes, including, cherry stain, black varnish, natural, vintage, or white, in packs of 10 or 20.

Helpful Amazon review: “I've owned a variety of pants hangers in the past, including a set of wooden hangers that look a lot like these. In the past, however, suit/dress pants would slip out of the wooden pants hangers. These hangers are superior due to a strip of textured fabric on the inside edge of the hangers that grips pants without damaging them in order to prevent them from slipping to the floor below. I purchased the cherry-colored hangers and they're attractive/elegant, sturdy, functional, and easy to use. I'm happy with my purchase, enabling me to better organize my closet while keeping my pants wrinkle-free.”


The Best Pants Hanger That Can Be Used For Shirts, Too

These hangers from Home-it have clips to hold your pants but you can also use them as standard shirt hangers, making them both good for saving space and more versatile than other pants hangers. The upper part of the hanger is covered in a soft, velvet material to prevent tops from slipping off. The clips are width-adjustable and have plastic grips to improve hold. This hanger is another instance where if you can hang your pants by the waistband or fold them in half and using the clips to pinch the fold but the latter method may cause some creasing.

Helpful Amazon review: “They are holding all my work pants and jeans great! I haven’t had a single one break. I’ve used a couple for [...] some of my tops that tend to slide off other hangers. They work well for that too. You can double up skirts or pants with too or jacket.”


Also Great: A Rolling Pants Trolley

This wheeled pants trolley comes with 18 specially designed pants hangers (but you can buy more, if needed) and each hanger can be removed individually for easy access. There is no way to avoid the inevitable mid-thigh crease with this option, but on the plus side, there’s no chance of your pants falling off and piling up on the bottom of your closet floor. It’s also great for making space on your closet railing, but it doesn’t have a small foot-print in the grand scheme of things (it’s roughly 2 feet long and over 1 foot wide). The trolley is easy to construct and comes with everything you need to put it together.

Helpful Amazon review: “I loved this so much I bought another one. [...] It fits perfectly in my closet and my pants no longer get wrinkle from the pant hangers. Best purchase I've made. Makes keeping my pants organized so much easier.”

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