12 Space-Saving Hangers That Will Seriously Transform Your Closet

by Amber Petty

For years, I never bought a single hanger. I had the ones I'd stolen from home when I went to college and managed to add a few more questionable wire hangers into the mix somehow. Then, it dawned on me — you can buy hangers! In fact, the best closet hangers are way more efficient than the little plastic ones that come free with your clothes.

Now, my hanger revelation might sound pretty obvious to some people, but it really changed my closet game. Instead of using whatever old wire hangers that came with the dry cleaning five years ago, you can buy a hanger that doubles (even triples!) the space in your closet. Or, if you're looking for a better way to store some of your small accessories, there are tons of hangers that will keep everything organized and take up almost zero space.

Instead of a wardrobe full of messy clothes stacked on top of one another, I now have a neatly organized closet, I'm not wasting space, and my clothes stay neat and wrinkle free. Hangers are probably the most affordable storage option around and the good ones make a surprisingly huge difference.

So, kick those monsters out of the closet and invite some of these amazing hangers in. You'll have the tidy storage of your dreams and maybe even a little extra room for your future clothing hauls.


A Hanger For All Of Your Strappy Tops

Axis International Marketing Strappy Closet Organizer Hanger, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Tame all the strappy items in your closet with this hanger. It'll hold bras, camisoles, swimsuits, tank tops, spaghetti strap sundresses, basically any strappy piece of clothing that you're not sure what to do with. Each hanger has 16 hooks, and you get two of these hangers with each purchase. So, in one box you get the capacity of 32 hangers that only take up two hangers worth of space. That's pretty impressive.


A Set Of Hangers That Won't Misshape Your Shoulders

Vanorig Deluxe Manganese Steel Hangers, $16 (Pack of 5), Amazon

If you have sensitive sweaters or other easily-dented clothes, give these hangers a try. The rounded shape keeps every garment wrinkle free while the non-slip grip keeps them from falling on the floor. Plus, the hangers are extra thin to maximize that precious closet space.


An S-Shaped Hanger For All Your Pants

Ecolife Sturdy S-Type Stainless Steel Hanger, $11, Amazon

This S-shaped hanger has a sturdy stainless steel construction that holds pants in place without creating creases. It holds at least five pairs of slacks, so it frees up tons of space.


A Set Of Bendy Hangers That Keep Everything In Place

Evelots Non-Slip Bendable Foam Hangers, $19 (20 Pack), Amazon

From bendy straws to bendy hangers, everything is better when it's bendy. You can adjust these extremely versatile soft foam hangers into a variety of different shapes to suit the specific needs of all your eclectic items.


A Curvy Hanger For All Of Your Belts, Ties, And Scarves

DecoBros Supreme 23 Loop Scarf Hanger, $10, Amazon

This simple, but genius looped hanger has garnered somewhat of a cult-following on Amazon. More than 1,000 reviewers have left glowing reviews and dozens even showed off pictures of how many scarves and accessories this one hanger can hold. There are 23 loops to hand belts, ties, scarves, and all of other small items that are hanging out in your closet.


A Set Of Padded Hangers That Are Fancy & Functional AF

JS Hanger Colorful Satin Padded Hangers, $25 (12 Pack), Amazon

Another way to keep your clothes crease-free is to use these pretty padded hangers. Great for delicate clothes, these satin hangers won't damage or wrinkle any of your items. Plus, they look fancy AF.


A Set Of Hangers With A Super Functional Design

Jeronic Non-Slip Clothes Hangers, $19 (30 Pack), Amazon

These aren't old school, cheap plastic hangers. These hangers are built to last, feature non-slip grips to keep your clothes in place, and have a super functional design to adapt to every item in your wardrobe.


A Hanger With Swinging Arms

Whitmor Swing Arm Slack Hanger, $10, Amazon

This hanger is seriously genius. It has five arms to hang slacks or skirts. But instead of just hanging them over a bar for them to immediately slip off, these arms swing out and lock in place once you've hung up your items. Now, the clothes are balanced on the hanger and will stay in place until you wear them next.


A Set Of Wooden Hangers That Look Super Classy

J.S. Hanger Solid Cherry Pant Hangers, $16 (10 Pack), Amazon

These handsome clamp style hangers are perfect for pants and skirts and feature a non-slip grip designed to prevent creasing along the fold. They are made from 100 percent evergreen wood with a glossy walnut finish and have chrome-plated swivel hooks.


A Set Of Hangers That Cascade

1InTheHome Chrome Add-On Hanger, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Save space in your closet with these cascading hangers. The gel-coated clamps securely hold garments without damaging them, and the distance between the clips can be easily adjusted to compensate for different items.


A Hanger That Looks Like A Flower

Home Basics Velvet Scarf Hanger, $6 (2-Pack), Amazon

This super cute scarf hanger holds up to 12 scarves, belts, or other small accessories. The purple velvet lining keeps your items from slipping off and falling on the floor. Plus, when's the last time you saw an adorable hanger? That alone makes this a gem.


A Blouse Tree That Holds 7 Shirts

Organize It All Blouse Tree, $8, Amazon

First of all, this is called a "blouse tree," which I find adorable. Secondly, it's insanely useful! The extra grippy arms hold all your tops in place and can hang six blouses at a time. You'll get no creases, just a tree of beautiful tops.

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