20 Punny Halloween Costumes For Couples

They're actually pretty clever.

by Kat Kuehl and Mia Mercado
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Alongside "what should we have for dinner?", the question of what you and your significant other should be for Halloween has plagued couples for ooky-spooky centuries. Fortunately, with the help of the internet and these punny Halloween costumes for couples, you and your partner don't have to fret. Or result to going as, like, a plug and a socket.

Every year, Google puts out a list of the most popular Halloween costumes, including those donned by duos. Per Google’s 2019 Halloween trends, many of the most popular couples costumes tapped into pop culture: Lilo and Stitch, Cosmo and Wands, Adam and Eve, Bonnie and Clyde. Those are all fine and good places to start, but if you’re looking to be the talk of your socially-distanced Halloween gathering, you’ll likely want something a little more unique.

So long as you don’t mind having to stand still while people try to guess your costume, a good play on words is an easy way to come up with a clever, unique Halloween costume. If you need some help, check out these 20 punny couple costume ideas that are sure to get the Zoom party started. Bonus points if you’re able to keep a straight face while explaining the joke.

1. Party Animals

Use this an excuse to wear something you'd both wear to a cocktail party. Then, pop on an animal mask or animal face paint. Tada! A couple of party animals.

2. Bear-istas

Pair a barista costume with some ears and a bear face mask. Carry around a cup of coffee and spend the evening yelling out "ORDER FOR WINNIE THE POOH."

3. When Life Gives You Lemons

One of you wears a dress with lemon print, the other wears a t-shirt with the LIFE cereal logo or the logo for the LIFE board game. Bonus points if you also adorn your shirt with an actual Life board game spinner.

4. Green with Envy

If you're looking for a costume that's clever and super easy to pull together, this is perfect for you! For the "green," just don a green sweatsuit set. Then, have your partner write the word ENVY large and legible on a piece of cardboard and wear it as a necklace. Voila! Green with envy.

5. Freud and a Freudian Slip

Here's the perfect costume for all of you psychology majors. One of you dresses as Freud, complete with the iconic cigar. The other wears a slip you've covered in different Freudian words and phrases like "oral fixation" or "oedipal complex."

6. Deviled Eggs

Dress up like this popular party food by adding some red horns and a tail to an egg costume. Then, prepare to have a devilishly good time.

7. Rockstar

Sure, you could wear some tight leather pants and play air guitar all night. But, a literal interpretation of a rockstar? So much better. Wear a rock costume, paint stars on your face, and revel in your genius.

8. Snail Mail

As an homage to the USPS, go as a postal worker and a snail. If you want to include your pup in your costume, the USPS has a mail carrier dog costume that will give you an excuse to buy something your dog will hate but look very cute in.

9. Dunkin Donuts

If one of you already has basketball jerseys galore, this is the couple's costume you seek. One of you sports a basketball jersey and the other dresses as a donut. Just carry around a basketball and ta-da! You're a literal dunking donut.

10. Ceiling Fans

For a classic punny costume, sport some foam fingers and t-shirts decorated with phrases like "I LOVE CEILINGS" and "CEILINGS ARE #1." Voila! Ceiling fans.

11. Chick Magnet

So long as your partner doesn't mind dressing up as a magnet, this should be a pretty easy costume to pull off.

12. Universal Healthcare

Want to sport a subtly political costume? Pair a galaxy print shirt or pants with some scrubs. If only it were that easy to get actual universal healthcare.

13. L'Eggo My Eggo

Remember the famous "L'Eggo My Eggo" slogan from the commercials? Put together a lego costume and a waffle outfit, and people are sure to be shouting that catchphrase all night!

14. Pigs In A Blanket

For a costume that is equally cozy and clever, dress up like two pigs and wrap yourselves in your favorite blanket.

15. Corn Dog

Put together a corn costume and a dog costume, and voila! You're everybody's favorite fried fair food!

16. Grateful Dead

A t-shirt that says "thanks" and some zombie make up will turn the two of you into the most obscure dead heads.

17. Tiger King And Queen

Make this more pun-y by simply sporting a tiger onesie and a crown.

18. TikTok

Tousle your hair, put on heavy black eyeliner, grab some glitter and a shirt with the TikTok logo. Now, you've dressed as both the iconic Kesha song and the TikTok app. If you want to forgo a punny costume, the two of you can still wear a costume inspired by TikTok trends.

19. Avocado Toast

Go full millennial and dress up as avocado toast. If nothing else, it'll be an excuse to eat avocado toast on Halloween.

20. Taco Belle

One of you wears a taco costume, the other dresses as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Grab a baja blast and you two will be the taco belles of the ball.

Still stuck on what the two of you should dress as? Put on face masks and stay home. When someone asks, "What are you both being for Halloween?", you can say, "RESPONSIBLE."

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