11 Halloween Costumes Inspired By TikTok Trends

You know #BamaRush is on the list!

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We've barely dipped our toes into fall, which means it's time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. As tailor-made as our “For You” pages have become, there are some viral TikTok trends that reach all of us — no matter how niche your interests are. We’ve all become conditioned to look for an “[AS]” logo whenever we hear, “Running Away,” by VANO 3000, and to prepare ourselves for the majestic arrival of a furry feline friend whenever we hear, “Here comes the boy.” (And, no matter how far into “Alt TikTok” you are, there’s a chance you somehow found yourself on #BamaRush TikTok this year.) It only makes sense then that you might choose a Halloween costume inspired by the latest TikTok trend this year.

The fact is, viral TikTok trends can transcend even the most custom of algorithms, uniting us in a universal experience of new cultural references. Which also makes them a surefire Halloween costume options that are both unique and recognizable. (At least recognizable to anyone on TikTok, which at this point is close to everyone.)

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute DIY costume, or ready to go all out with a Jeff Bezos bald cap or Reba McEntire wig, there is a TikTok-inspired Halloween costume for you. And, of course, you are obligated to share your TikTok costume on TikTok. (Yes, fine you can also share on competitive video sharing platforms like Triller or Reels. I won’t tell.) So, start picking your preferred audio out now. Here are 11 Halloween costumes inspired by 2021 TikTok trends.


Here Comes The Boy...

This song has become the unofficial walk-out song for cats everywhere. Spice up your classic Halloween cat costume with a sign announcing your grand entrance. (Don’t forget the ✨sparkles✨.)


Twilight Characters

2021 has seen a major Twilight saga renaissance for reasons that might only be known to Alice Cullen’s psychic powers. Nevertheless, the trend has come with some hilarious observations about weird movie moments, like Jacob’s “Where the hell have you been, loca?” line and Bella’s lackluster ketchup pouring skills. Take your pick at your favorite, or grab a crew of your friends to recreate the entire cast. Just try not to get your vampire glitter makeup all over the place.


Adult Swim Bumper

Adult Swim has some of the greatest bumpers (clips aired between commercial breaks) in the game. And TikTokers have decided to give the channel a run for their money by crafting elaborate skits where the “[AS]” logo is covertly snuck in. As easy as it is fun to make, attaching a paper Adult Swim logo to your costume is the perfect last-minute idea.


The Backyardigans

Much like the Twilight renaissance of 2021, the Backyardigans comeback was a bit unexpected. But, as many TikTokers have pointed out through the viral revival of their song “Castaways,” it’s about time that the internet appreciate the musical genius of the animated quintet. For Uniqua, wear a pair of pink overalls with pipe cleaner antennas. For Pablo, find a spinner hat and blue bowtie. For Tyrone, wear a blue and orange striped shirt and antlers. For Austin, wear a blue and yellow striped shirt with kangaroo ears. For Tasha, find a pair of hippo or mouse ears and an orange dress.


The Frozen Honey Challenge

As aesthetically pleasing as it is apparently delicious (and a potential cause for some health issues, according to experts), the frozen honey challenge has to be one of the sweetest trend to stick on TikTok this year. Dress as a bottle squirting out a golden cylinder from your head, or just arrive with plenty of frozen honey bottles on deck. Add some black and orange food coloring for some extra festivity.


Old Beach

Perhaps the biggest M. Night Shyamalan twist of all is how meme-ified his latest film, Old, has become. Show off your souvenirs from visiting, as the internet is calling it, “the beach that makes you old,” by putting on some beach wear with wrinkly makeup and gray hair. (Also doubles as a visual aid for the importance of sunscreen.)


The United States Of Nicki Minaj

One nation under Barbs. TikTokers have been pledging allegiance to their own flag this year: a picture of Nicki Minaj saluting in front of the American flag. To truly recreate the flag, you’ll need a blue bikini. But, if it’s a bit to chilly for a bathing suit, you can also recreate your favorite Nicki look like her classic pink wig with bangs. Show off your Pink Friday patriotism this year with a photo op that says, in the words of Nicki herself, “I am your leader.”


Milk Crate Challenge

APU GOMES/AFP/Getty Images

So, the trend of climbing a stack of milk crates was quickly banned from TikTok for the extreme danger it poses to those attempting it. But, while certainly don’t recommend you try this challenge at home, you can make a homemade costume inspired by it. Grab a cardboard box to paint the design of a milk crate on, and cut a hole at the bottom to wear the box around your waist. Or, just paint a t-shirt to look like a milk crate. For an extra prop, use a milk crate as your purse for the night by tying a ribbon around the handles. Just don’t let your friends get any ideas...



Many were confused this year to find themselves of #BamaRush TikTok, but, sometimes, sisterhood finds you. Grab a group of friends and make your own fictionalized sorority by throwing any random permutation of greek letters onto a shirt. Just be on your best behavior if you’re still trying to get a bid.


Jeffrey ... Jeffrey Bezos

“CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1964,” are just a few of the hints you can give to friends guessing your costume. Though, a bald cap and “Blue Origin” shirt should give it away. Based on the viral use of tracks like “Bezos I” on TikTok, Bo Burnham’s “Inside” comedy album seems to be the perfect anthem for Gen Z’ers. (Which makes sense, as they’re the generation who will be most impacted by the environmental effects of people like Bo’s muse Jeff.) Show partygoers that you know how to “pave the way, put your back into it” with this DIY costume.


“I’m A Survivor”

Twenty years later, the theme song of Reba McEntire’s sitcom Reba has gained a new generation of admirers with the hilarious “I’m a Survivor” trend. Throw on a red wig and make a show of performing menial housework around your Halloween party like wiping the table and putting a coaster under someone’s drink. When the night is over, you can wipe the sweat off your brow with a martyrish sigh of relief.

If all else fails, don't get dressed up at all and say you're the beginning part of a TikTok with a cool transition.