Ways To Show Your SO You Care During The Holidays

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You should always be showing your partner that you care, but during the holidays it’s especially important. The holidays can be happy and joyous time, but it can also bring up a lot of uncomfortable emotions. People's expectations are higher than usual, and it’s easy to feel let down by your partner. I’m not advocating that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on presents for your significant other. I'm just suggesting that putting in more effort to show him or her you care can do wonders for a relationship.

As a therapist and relationship expert, I know all too well how easy it is to grow more deeper in love during the holiday season with your other half, and also how easy it is to grow further apart. How you act during this season will show a lot about you and your relationship. Also, remember that whether you love it or not, the holiday season isn’t going to go away, so making plans accordingly when in a relationship is always a good idea. Maybe your partner is away from his or her family during the holidays and feels sad about it, so he or she will need you even more. Maybe, it’s a chance for you to get closer to your mate’s family and spend quality time together. Here are seven ways you can show your partner you love him or her during the holidays.

1. Give Them A Nice Card

Many people go straight for the present and forget about the card. I’ve got news for you, though, the card shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s the most thoughtful part of a present, IMO Even if you don’t have money to spend on your partner, you can always afford a card. Even better, you can make one and your thoughtful points will skyrocket.

2. Start A Tradition

The holidays are all about traditions. What better way to be closer with your partner than starting your own winter traditions. Maybe it’s a trip you two will take every year to see the snow. Or maybe it’s a night where you watch all the holiday movies with a little bit (OK, a lot bit) of eggnog. Whatever it may be, you’re creating a tradition for you two that will have long lasting memories.

3. Cook Or Bake Something

Nothing shows your affection than delicious cookies or your grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie. Sure, you can go out and buy some scrumptious treats from Trader Joe’s and bring them home for your boo, but maybe just once try and put some love into a homemade sweet. It’s about time you went Pinterest crazy anyways, right?

4. Buy A Present For Their Family

Earlier I said you don’t need to buy presents for your lover to show how much you care. With that being said, buying or making something thoughtful for his or her family gives you five stars. It shows that you not only love and care for your partner, but that his or her family members also matter to you. Not to mention, you’ll definitely score some major points.

5. Create A Holiday Playlist

To put your mate into a happy holiday spirit, why not make him or her a playlist of jolly songs he or she will enjoy? Whether it’s old school Sinatra or it’s the entire Mariah Carey Christmas collection, a holiday playlist will put a smile on your significant other’s face.

6. Relive Childhood Memories

I’m sure your partner has told you about some amazing holiday memories. Your girlfriend shared with you how her and her family would watch A Christmas Story while baking cookies. Or your boyfriend told you how he and his family would make homemade latkes together and celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. Recreating these memories will not only show your other half your amazing listening skills, but it will also give him or her that warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside.

Holidays with partner can be stressful, but there's no reason they can't strengthen your relationship as well.

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