How Many Roommates Complain About Loud Sex Noises

by Kristine Fellizar
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As anyone with roommates would know, it’s definitely an experience. Because of that, apartment search app, Abodo, surveyed 2,000 people living with roommates to discover the types of bad roommate behavior people have to deal with. Let’s just say, there is definitely a lot to consider when you’re deciding who to share living expenses with.

Abode, a Madison, Wisconsin-based app catered to college students and young professionals looking for apartments, found the most common offenses roommates commit. There are the typical ones such as being messy, letting the dishes pile up, and eating a roommate’s food (guilty!). But there are also the atypical and probably much more annoying, such as having loud sex for hours on end, MainStreet reported.

According to the survey, almost nine out of 10 people complain of loud sex noises. Not to mention, “shameless nudity.” As one survey respondent said, “[My roommate] would walk around naked in front of my boyfriend and my mother.”

What happened to common sex etiquette rules for roommates? As the survey found, female roomies seem to be the worst offenders. Not only do nine out of 10 admit to having noisy sex, six out of 10 rearrange the furniture without making sure their roommates are OK with it, and more than half have their S.O.s over all the time.

Personally, the worst offense I’ve ever committed as a roommate is stealing food. But I always ended up feeling guilty and re-stocked without my roommate ever knowing. The worst thing a roommate has ever done to me? Having sex on top of my clothes hamper. It was a disturbing find, to say the least. The girl had zero boundaries.

But apparently other people have had it worse. Here are other findings from the survey.

1. One In Four People Would Dump A Roommate For Peeing Or Throwing Up On The Floor

According to the survey, just one single instance would lead to an eviction.

2. It’s Better To Be Messy Than A Thief

Although being messy is the most common roommate offense, over 95 percent of people said that stealing is the worst. The third worst offense is not paying rent. Understandable. What’s the point of living with someone if they’re not coughing up their share?

As Alec Slocum, co-founder of Abodo, told MainStreet, “What really surprised me about the survey was how many people talked about roommates stealing stuff from them … There's so much theft. I've never even heard of that."

The word “stole” was mentioned a lot by survey participants. Stolen items range from food and clothes to cars and hidden cash.

3. Location Matters

Depending on where you live, bad behavior may be tolerated by some, while others, not so much. According to the survey, West Virginians say a roommate hitting on their friends is way worse than stealing. Meanwhile, people in Indiana would rather have a roommate who peed or threw up on the floor than someone who invaded their space. People in Minnesota, on the other hand, would rather have you forget to pay rent than let your dog poop on the floor.

4. The Best Place To Look For A Roommate Is In Your Social Network

According to Slocum, “The best place to start is obviously on your social networks because you can find out a decent amount about a person right off social networks … And if you have to go out of it, then just get to know the person a little bit more before you start sharing a home with them."

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