Galentine's Day

21 Galentine’s Day Memes To Celebrate Your Best Friends

When words fail, memes speak.

by Meghan Bassett and Mia Mercado
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Memes to send your friends for Galentine's Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day may be just around the corner, but there is a much more important holiday coming up — Galentine’s Day. And just what do you get for the bestie who has everything? Some fresh and delicious Galentine’s Day memes, of course.

If you are a Parks & Rec fan, you know that the day before Valentine’s Day has been dubbed Galentine’s Day. It’s 24 hours to celebrate the friends who’ve had your back since day one. They’ve been there through all your boos (and your boohoos) and deserve to feel as loved as they are. You could plan virtual Galentine’s Day party, ship some Galentine’s day gifts and goodies their way, or just shoot them a “Happy Galentine’s Day” text with an ungodly number of heart emojis. There is really no wrong way to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

So, before you bust out the nice dinner and fine wine with your boo, take a moment to thank your ride or dies, your BFFs, your girl gang, etc. If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate Galentine’s Day, nothing says “lylas” like “I saw this meme and thought of you.” Here are 19 Galentine’s Day memes to flood the group text on Feb. 13.

1. For The Friend Who Needs A Reminder About What The Day's About

Straight from the source, this is what it’s all about.

2.For The Space Unicorns & Tree Sharks In The Group Text

Parks and Rec's Twitter has a whole thread of Galentine's Day cards to send your friends on Feb. 13. Or all throughout the year.

2. For The Friend Whose Love Language Is Food

Nachos are just a cheap form of therapy.

3. For The Friend Who Doesn't Know The Meaning Of The Word "Men"

Where is the lie, though?

4. For The Ron Swanson Of The Friend Group

Honestly, three is pushing it.

5. For The First Person You Send A Funny TikTok To

It's truly the highest compliment.

6. For The Bestie Who's A Baddie

Bratz dolls everywhere are shaking.

7. For The Friend Who's #1

Waffles and friends are tied for #1.

8. For The Friend Who's Most Likely To Start An Email With "Heyyy ladies!"

Crowns are not optional.

9. For The Best Friend Who's Got Moves

As a wise person once said, "Get it, I guess."

10. For Your College Bestie

Direction-wise. Life-wise.

11. For The Friend Who Always Has Compliments

They just hit different.

12. For The Friend Who Is Basically Your Other Half

Wouldn't have it any other way.

13. For The Funny Friend

Communication is key.

14. For The One Who Knows You Well

...almost too well.

15. For The Friend Who You Have More Photos Of Than Yourself

This doubles as a "thank you" for not exposing the hundreds of unused photos from these shoots.

16. For The Friend Who Always Has Tea

And it's always delicious and scalding.

17. For The Super Supportive Friend

She's your own personal motivational speaker.

18. For The Activist Friend

Stay activated!

19. For The Friend Who Is Also Maybe A Secret Agent

Thank God she uses her powers for good.

20. For The Perfect Friend Who's Perfect

Where words fail, memes speak <3

21. For The Friend That Always Has Gossip To Share

Please never stop updating me on the lives of people I’ll never meet.

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