Galentine's Day

19 Galentine's Day Zoom Backgrounds For Your Virtual Parties

Backdrops of waffles, pizza, and more things you love.

by Mia Mercado
19 Galentine's Day Zoom Backgrounds For Your Virtual Parties
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Galentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it brings virtual celebrations aplenty. If you’re looking for the perfect Zoom background for Galentine's Day, you definitely won’t be lacking in choice. The internet is your Zoom background oyster, and I’ve found a few pearls that are perfect for this BFF-celebrating holiday.

By now, we’ve all got some degree of Zoom exhaustion. So, making your Zoom Galentine’s Day party feel special will be key to keeping your friends excited about clicking on yet another video conference link. Before Galentine’s Day — which is this Saturday, Feb. 13 — have everyone send around the recipe for their favorite cocktail or organize a drink delivery with a service like Drizly or Cocktail Courier. Plan some Galentine’s Day activities you can easily do on Zoom, like having a watch party with your favorite rom-com or playing a few rounds of Jackbox games. If you want to get everyone a little something, you can even order Galentine’s Day gifts to get delivered straight to your friends’ doorsteps. You could also keep it completely lowkey and just spend the call catching up on mid-pandemic life. There is no wrong way to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

If you want a low-maintenance way to make your Zoom Galentine’s Day party feel special, one of these festive Zoom backgrounds will be for you.

1. A Reminder To You & Your Friends

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If there's any day to honor this sacred mantra, it's Galentine's Day.

2. Pay Homage To Leslie Knope


She is the patron saint of Galentine's Day.

3. For The Noble Land Mermaid

Parks and Rec tweeted a thread of Galentine's Day cards that also double as festive Zoom backgrounds.

4. Happy Heart Day


Keep it simple and straightforward with a cute heart-pattern backdrop.

5. Just In Case You Forget...


Have your Zoom background be a reminder of what day you're celebrating. (It's hard to keep track during quarantine.)

6. OG BFFs Paris and Nicole

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Pay homage to a simpler life.

7. Amigas, Cheetahs

Screenshot via Disney+

Friends for life.

8. If You're The Ron Swanson Of Your Friend Group

If you're invited to the Zoom call, it's a compliment.

9. Pizza My Heart


Is there anything more romantic than delivery pizza?

10. Your One True Love


The day is about surrounding yourself with the ones you love, right?

11. Cheers!

Let your background do the partying for you. Nerds Chalk has a helpful step-by-step guide on how to use a gif as your Zoom background.

12. Luv U 4Ever


This might be your best bet at celebrating with candy hearts since actual conversation hearts may be harder to find.

13. Independent Women

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Dibs on being Beyoncé.

14. Full Throttle

Darren Michaels/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

If you and your friends have never recreated the Charlie's Angels pose, are you really friends?

15. All Confetti Everything


Much less messy than the real deal.

16. I Want It, I Got It

Don't forget to queue up your Galentine's Day playlist.

17. Be Wine


Perfect for the Wine Mom of the friend group.

18. For The Sparkly Rainbow Soul


It's the next best thing to hanging up Lisa Frank folders behind you.

19. Something Subtle

V E Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

Like I said, this day is all about surrounding yourself with the ones you love. This includes unabashedly making your Zoom background your celebrity crush.