You've Been Tying Your Shoes Wrong This Whole Time

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The day wouldn't be complete without the reveal of another sweet life hack, and this one's pretty neat: It turns out we've been tying our shoelaces wrong this whole time. Using a reef knot — as opposed to the more common granny knot — ensures a more secure knot that is far less likely to come undone. It's actually kind of interesting, because you'd never think it would make one bit of difference. And since many of us probably don't plan on purchasing Nike's new self-lacing shoes at any point in the near future, this is one hack we could definitely use.

I tested the hack out for myself, just to be sure. There is only one small change you must make in order to accomplish the reef knot. Admittedly I actually had to watch the tutorial video a couple times before I finally got it; I think I was so stumped, though, because I was already using the reef knot. Because I'm fabulous like that.

The verdict? In terms of the appearance of the two knots, the reef knot is definitely a little prettier. As far as their functionality, I can't say for certain; I'm doing the Cupid Shuffle in my living room right now, though, and will report back later regarding which shoe caves first.

Here's how the experts are saying you should bring your shoelace A-game:

1. Grab Your Most Expensive Pair Of Designer Sneakers

Here's mine. Yes, those are Spongebob Squarepants Christmas pajama pants. I do what I want.

2. Tie The First Knot

This step is exactly the same — don't change a thing!

3. Create The Loop

Again, don't change this. Create the same ol' loop you always did.

4. The Boring Granny Knot

This is where things get tricky. If you are taking the other side of the shoelace and passing it under, and then over, the loop, you're doing the granny knot, and you stink at life. (Just kidding. Of course you don't. You are wonderful, even if you use the granny knot.)

5. The Dazzling Reef Knot

Reverse the direction! Pass the loose end of the shoelace over and then under the loop, and pull through. Here's the step I missed: If you created the original loop in your right hand, when you finish the knot, you should pull the loop through with your left hand. I repeat: The loop should switch hands! If you miss this step, all hell will break loose, you'll start to sweat, and you'll question everything you know in life.

Got all that? Congratulations. You've just formed a reef knot.

The reef knot is supposed to lay straight and be much more symmetrical. Once I got the technique down, I could see the difference. My granny knot (which was so awkward to make, by the way) was mostly straight but kinda floppy. The reef knot was all kinds of beautiful.

Granny Knot: The Reveal

Reef Knot: The Winner

May your shoes always be tied and your laces never undone.

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