25 Heartwarming Gifts For Your Mom That She'll Actually Love


Like so many women, my mom is my best friend. She's been there for me through some rough times and has always continued to support me (and the wild way I live my life). I know that I could show her a bit more appreciation, so I went searching for some heartwarming gifts that moms will totally adore in order to give her the thanks she deserves.

Even though I still live with my mom, we have a relationship much closer to roommates than mother and daughter. We go out for happy hour, watch a million tv shows together, and sometimes even hang out on the weekends. My mom has done so much for me and I think that she's earned some serious gratitude for that. And the best way to do that is give her a present that will cause some tears (and not sad tears so much as happy, sentimental tears).

Feel the same way about your mother? Definitely give this list a look so that the the next time your mom does something great for you — or if you're simply feeling an overwhelming sense of love and thankfulness for her — you can give her a super thoughtful gift that she'll love. After all, moms should be recognized for all of the things they do for their kids each and every day.

1. Remind Your Mom How Much You Love Her

This "Remember I Love You Mom" bracelet makes a great gift if you're moving away from home, whether you're off to college or moving to another city. You can tell your mom how much you love her and she'll remember each time she wears her engraved bracelet.

2. A Collection Of Letters That You've Been Writing For Years

After you get this book by Lea Redmond, hold onto it for a few years and write your mom letters thanking her, sharing big moments, and recording memories for when you gift it in the future. It'll bring your mom to tears when you someday present it to her and she finally starts to open them.

3. So Your Mom Doesn't Have To Have An Empty Nest

Your mom never has to have an empty nest at home with this pretty piece of art. You can even personalize the nest by getting all the kids' names written on the eggs.

4. A Throw Pillow To Remind Her You'll Never Forget Home

This is one throw pillow that will surely spark some tears, as it reads, "Home is wherever mom is."

5. These Aromatherapy Shower Steamers That Smell Amazing

If your mom isn't much of a bath bomb person, she can still get an aromatherapy session courtesy of these essential oil shower steamers. The steam from a shower activates the release of heavenly scents like lavender, peppermint, and watermelon, so you she can de-stress or refresh before taking on the day. Each set comes with six steamers.

6. Create A Keepsake That Can Be Shared For Years To Come

Fill the Top Shelf memory jar with all your favorite recollections, funny stories, and happiest times. When mom's having a bad day, she can read through the tickets — and when she's having a good day, she can fill out one of her own. This set comes with the jar, a chalk tag, a roll of memory tickets, and a pen.

7. A Family Tree Bracelet So She Can Carry Her Kids Wherever She Goes

Get this beautiful handmade customizable bracelet for an ultra-thoughtful present. Not only is it so pretty, it also can feature either just your initials or the first initial of each of her kids stamped onto the hearts. That way, she can bring you all along wherever she goes.

8. A Pretty Painted Jewelry Bowl For All Her Sparkly Things

Now every time your mom takes off a piece of jewelry and places it inside of this beautiful cherry blossom bowl, she'll immediately think of you.

9. A Bath Bomb Set For The Spa Day She Deserves

With ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, kaolin clay, and Epson salt, these bath bombs moisturize her skin, soothe her body, and relax her mind. They come in a set of 12, and each one features a different color and subtle scent.

10. An Elegant, Comfortable Robe She'll Want To Live In

Available in two sizes and 18 colors, this premium fleece robe is trimmed with satin and feels like you're "wrapped in a warm, soft blanket," according to reviewers. It also has convenient pockets, a waist strap, and extra long sleeves.

11. Long Distance Coffee Mugs To Keep You Connected

If you don't have the pleasure of living in the same state as your mother, this gift is the next best thing. Personalize it so you have your state and her state on there. It'll be her favorite mug.

12. Make A Family Tree Out Of Photos

Create a beautiful focal point for your mom's living room with this family tree picture frame set. You can include up to ten of your favorite family photos.

13. A Necklace To Show Her How Important She Is

This necklace is adorable and so sweet, making it a great gift from a son or daughter to show her how strong you think she is.

14. This Calendar That Turns Birthdays Into Art

This birthday calendar turns everyone's special day into a small work of art. Just write names and dates on each disc, then hang from the appropriate month in descending order. Choose from 13 board design options. A beautiful gift, even if your mom never fails to remember a birthday.

15. Because You're A Piece Of Your Mother's Heart

Let your mom know that she'll always have a piece of your heart with this set of hand-stamped mother and daughter necklaces.

16. Create A Completely Customizable Gift For Mom

You can create a beautiful music box for your mom. Pick her favorite song or saying, choose from many different designs, and write a message to be engraved onto the bottom of the box. It's a gift she'll treasure forever.

17. An Interlocking Necklace That Symbolizes Your Connection

You and your mom will be forever connected, and this interlocking mother-child necklace is such a beautiful and symbolic reminder. Made from sterling silver, the delicate 19-inch chain features two interlocking infinity circles — one small and one large — that represent your forever relationship.

18. This Throw Blanket With Loving Messages

Wrap your mom up in positivity with this throw blanket imprinted with uplifting messages like, "Love you," "Miss you," and "You are my sunshine." Made from ultra-soft microfiber, the blanket is machine-washable and available in 12 colors, like burgundy, gray, and aubergine.

19. A Travel Mug That She'll Actually Use

Be sure to tell your mom that she's the best all of the time with this pretty "Best Mom Ever" mug, which is a 20-ounce insulated stainless steel mug, which comes in 19 colors.

20. A Jewelry Box For All Her Favorite Accessories

With its velvet lining, synthetic leather exterior, and multiple compartments, the Vlando jewelry box is a "fantastic find," reviewers say. It even has a mirror and key, and comes in four different color options.

21. A Cutting Board With A Sentimental Message

If your mom loves to cook, give her a gift that she'll use over and over again. Whenever she makes something fun in the kitchen, she'll smile from the lovely message engraved into the wood.

22. A Meaningful Print For Her Wall

If your mom loves to have sentimental prints and pillows sprinkled around her house, give her a new one that she'll truly appreciate. "Mom, I am so blessed with all you do — your love and kindness will guide me through" this heartwarming poster reads. "Forever thankful to have you as a mom, you are the most wonderful one."

23. A Jewelry Box That'll Make Her Tear Up Whenever She Opens It

This jewelry box plays the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" whenever you open it, which will pretty much guarantee some tears in your mom's eyes. Plus, the cover reads, "Mom, your love means the world to me." Awww.

24. A Music Box That's Sentimental In The Best Way Possible

Turn the crank on the side of this nostalgic music box, and it'll churn out a soft and sweet melody that'll feel just like a lullaby. Made from carved wood, the box features a heartfelt message on the underside of the lid. The music box comes in both "from daughter" and "from son" options.

25. For The Mom Who Loves To Be Creative

Give your mom a gift that will help her show off her creative side as well as help her de-stress after a long day with this "I Love You Mom" coloring book.

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